OK, so here are two stunning actresses, both over 35, both starring in Now Playing films in theaters everywhere. One is stand-up-to-your-man Sandra Bullock, donning an astronaut suit in a space thriller. The second is British-Australian beauty Naomi Watts as the infamous Princess Diana. Can you say chic? So, friends, which do you think I’d buy advance tickets for: Gravity or Diana?

Sandra Bullock Rocks The World in Gravity Being the typical female moviegoer, the gal who would choose fashion over rockets any day, I thought I had this one in the (popcorn) bag. Scifi thrillers, especially those that take place above the planet, in more than one dimension, are way off my blockbuster chick flick radar.

But sweeping sagas based on true stories starring styles to die for, well, yeah baby. But lo and behold, this time, I was wrong. Way wrong.

In fact, while Diana got panned (despite that fab trailer that had me swooning), Gravity has topped world movie charts for almost a month straight. So if you’re off to the silver screen, here’s why you should choose Sandra over Naomi—this time.


Sandra Bullock Rocks The World in Gravity

1.  Rotten Tomatoes certified the film 98% fresh based on critic and viewer reviews. Of course, you can’t always follow the crowd – sometimes you have to see it to believe it. But if almost 100% of viewers are on board, it’s a safe bet that you will be, too.

2.  As Dr. Ryan Stone, Sandra has a way of making Lost in Space look lovely. I mean, seriously, who can float around in the dark, in a panic, in drab-colored garb, with a pixie cut, and still be pretty?

3.  Somehow, Sandra nabbed the female lead in a scifi thriller (when does that happen?) and next to George Clooney, she held her own. Her adventure is chronicled in Vogue Magazine, and the photos are divine.

4.  That soundtrack gets stuck in your head – so much so that you’ll rush home to download it. Then, I dare you not to read what Composer Steven Price says about it in Rolling Stone.

5. Sandra has a track record of choosing scripts she can nail. So, because of her, and even if scifi or thrillers are not your thing, prepare to like this film even more than your man does. Surprise, surprise.

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