C’mon, fess up. The greys are growing in faster than you can get to the salon, right? So you must have hide-the-roots secrets to share. Are you a closet grey hair plucker? Do you cover those roots with a small brush dipped in brow powder? (That’s me!) Have your friends wondered what’s with the hat? Well, no more guilty grey tricks needed, and no more booking bi-weekly dye jobs either now that Rootstix is on the hair scene. Rootstix Hair Colour

This DIY product will get you through those last few days before you can get to the salon. Priced at just $14.95, Rootstix is basically a magic marker (emphasis on the magic) and just as easy to use. The size of an artist’s pen, it makes camouflaging those rogue greys or pesky roots easy. To extend the life of your hair colour, all you do is place the small comb at the root of the hair, swipe on, and comb through.

Made of natural ingredients, the colour is not waxy or goopy and it’s simple to apply. Just swipe it on precisely where you want it (eyebrows too!), as if you were using a marker. Instantly, you will see the colour change and it dries fast, with no mess. Expect the temporary fix to last up to three days and to come out in the wash. Since colour may fade during the day, be proactive and carry your handy Rootstix (pen, comb and travel pouch included) with you. Keep one in your purse, one in your glove compartment and one at home, and you’ll never be caught off guard.

Even if you’ve got last minute plans—a party, a meeting, a quick trip to the grocery store—you’ll always feel fabulous. Or at the very least, you’ll always be covered. Rootstix uses a mild pigment to temporarily colour roots and is currently available in three natural-looking shades: Black, Medium Brown, and Light Brown and Blonde.

Roostix long-lasting temporary hair colour

RootStix from Kevin Erdman on Vimeo.

Where to Buy:  some hair salons, online at Amazon.com or learn more and purchase directly at Rootstix.

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