Years ago, I would just decide one morning that I was bored with my living room and off I’d go to the paint store to pick out a new wall colour – with no clear room makeover ideas in mind. There was no planning, no rhyme or reason, and so it was no wonder that redecorating seemed to take forever. Room Decorating Ideas Since then, I’ve learned how to plan a room makeover.

It all starts with the first rule of decorating: Form always follows Function. What does this mean? Function is what the room will be used for. Will its purpose be for TV viewing or will you use it as a crafting room? Based on that function, each has very different requirements, from seating to lighting and everything in between. Form, on the other hand, is the visual, or as I like to call it…the pretty! And that comes later.

So before you run off and start painting, stop and think about your room makeover ideas. Start by meditating on function first and asking yourself some important questions.


What will you use the space for?

Let’s say it’s the room your family will gather to hang out and watch TV in. If that’s the function, then create a list: cozy seating, a large screen TV, space for electronic gear, occasional tables for drinks and snacks, a warm color on the walls, and some dimmable lighting (a must to create mood in any space).

How many people will use the space?

The seating question is key. Is this room just your own personal space or are you destined to be joined by family and friends when you host that Oscar party? For function purposes, you need to make sure there are spots for everyone.

Who will use the space? 

If you carefully choose hard to ruin fabrics and finishes, you’re less likely to freak out when a guest spills some red wine or your new puppy doesn’t make it outside.

Are there any allergies to be aware of?

Does anyone using the room on a regular basis suffer from a feather allergy? If so, then a down-filled sofa or pillows aren’t your best bet.

What feeling/mood are you going for?

If you long to decompress after a long day, then calm muted colours and soft textures are ideal. Love pops of colour? Consider some throw pillows that can be changed with the seasons.

How long will you be staying?

If you’re planning to move soon, you may want to tone down your taste to appeal to everyone so that you’re more likely to sell. In your forever home, though, you can do more to personalize you decor and you can also streeeeetttccchhh your budget because you are settling in to enjoy the space for a long time. Stay tuned for a future post: What you should buy for your room makeover and in what order? Preview: Paint should not be the first thing!

photo credit: Gidge Uriza via photopin cc  

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Lisa Goulet

Lisa is an Ottawa based certified interior decorator, who’s married with four children and who also runs her own interior decorating company. In her spare time she blogs, tweets, pins and instagrams to stay connected with clients, peers and others in the design field. Follow her along as she decorates and renovates any room she can get her hands on, sharing some great advice along the way.

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