Now that the holidays are over and the tree and glitz is gone, you may find your home, like mine, looking oh so tired and sad. Well, do yourself a favour, and don’t go racing to the mall to replace all your decor – at least not on a whim and while your post-holiday budget is tight. You may not realize it, but there is another way to revive and refresh all the rooms in your house – without spending a cent. Think it’s impossible to redecorate for free? Think again. All you have to do is open your own home store and go shopping.

How to Redecorate Your Home For Free

Open A Home Store

Once the holiday decor is out of sight, look around the house for all of the accessories and artwork you own – including sculptures, vases, candles, picture frames, etc. Next, gather them up and place them all on your kitchen table, which is now your Home Store.

Shop Your Store

Time to go shopping! Look at everything in your store with new eyes, as if you are seeing it all for the first time. Just because that piece of art has always hung over the fireplace does not mean it wouldn’t look even better in the foyer. You just may find that the red vase that faded into the background in the family room will make your powder room pop. Keep going, item by item and room by room, until you have redone your entire house. And don’t be discouraged if this takes you a few days. It’s a job that will be worth it in the end.

Say Hello and Goodbye

Always keep in mind that when it comes to decorating and redecorating, less really is more. That means you don’t have to find a home for all the pieces. Inevitably, there will be leftovers that just don’t seem to ‘fit’ anywhere – at least for now. If you love some of the unused items, store them until you redecorate again, and if you don’t, then it’s time to say goodbye. You can give them a new home as a gift or donation to someone else, just don’t keep them around taking up space.

Enjoy Your New Home

With less items around, your life will be easier. You’ll definitely cut down on time spent vacuuming and dusting. You’ll also enjoy items more when you feel as if you’re seeing them for the first time.

photo credit: Robert Tewart via photopin cc  

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Lisa is an Ottawa based certified interior decorator, who’s married with four children and who also runs her own interior decorating company. In her spare time she blogs, tweets, pins and instagrams to stay connected with clients, peers and others in the design field. Follow her along as she decorates and renovates any room she can get her hands on, sharing some great advice along the way.

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