When you see red lips coming your way—lots of them—you know the cool weather is definitely here to stay, and holiday season is a-coming. Are you are psyched as we are to get a slick cherry-coloured kisser? You should be, especially since there are now so many shades on the scene to give you rich, long-lasting red lipstick you can count on, day or night.

Anyone can wear red, as long as its the right red for you. You’ll need to consider how deep you want to go: Light on the eyes, darker on the lips? Simple clothes that need a boost? Match that glass of Pinot Noir you’re holding? Then, once your shade is chosen, you’ll need some guidance.

It turns out that wearing red lipstick like a pro is not quite as easy as slicking on some gloss. In fact, there are some tricks to getting this striking look just right. Pucker Up: How to Apply Perfect Red Lips Like a ProAccording to Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Expert Loida Adam, red lipstick—no matter which shade you choose—really is a beauty staple, especially as the temperatures begin to drop. This colour is versatile, always in style and adds a vibrant touch to any look. How do you apply it without looking like a clown? Just follow these brilliant tips.


Get Glam: How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a ProThis first step is the key to prepping your lips for your red lipstick application. Why? Well, obviously you want your lipstick to go on smooth and stay on all day. The only way that’s going to happen is if you start with a smooth, blank canvas. Just like you exfoliate your face regularly to get rid of dead, flaky skin, you’ll need to give your lips the same attention. So before you do anything else, remember to scrub, scrub, scrub.
Get Glam- How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a ProAfter you’ve exfoliated, the next step is moisturize and seal it in so that the lips are soft, smoothed, and hydrated. When you put lipstick on an unmoisturized surface, it may flake and crack. That’s why this step is key for a long-lasting, even application. 
Try: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Repair Lip Balm, $29. Note This product is great for overnight repair, too. 
Get Glam- How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a ProPriming is a very important step that too many of us forget or skip. While you may be able to get away without it when going au natural, if it’s a statement lip you’re after, it’s a necessity. Think about when you paint the walls: You always apply a primer to smooth and cover imperfections. Similarly, a lip primer coats the lips, smoothing nooks and crannies, and creating the blank canvas you need. Primer will also help the colour to last longer!
Get Glam- How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Pro
It may take just a few more seconds and a steady hand, but when it comes to applying red lipstick, artfully applied lip liner is key. Why? Lip liner will keep your lipstick in place, will help prevent feathering, and will also help your colour to last. Choose a red liner that is closest to the lipstick shade you’re wearing. If it’s too light or dark, it may change the colour of your lipstick and even worse, show itself (see our list of makeup mistakes to avoid).
Try: Quo Lip Liner in True Red.
Get Glam- How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a ProNever use a lip brush to put your lipstick on? Well, we think you need to try, STAT. This step may feel like one too many, but it’s definitely worth your time. If you don’t believe us, just ask any makeup artist. You’ll reduce the chance of smudging and get a much more precise application, too. Trust us on this one.
Try: Quo Professional Lip Brush. 
Ready to choose your Red? Here are some of our faves.
 All items available at your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart.
Pucker Up: How to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Pro

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