Fed up with the hassle of drawing in your eyebrows with powder or pencil every single day? Us too.

The eyes may be the windows to the soul but never underestimate the power of the brows that frame them. Still, it’s near impossible to get the perfect shape for your face and ideal fullness that lasts, especially as we age. So. If you could snap your fingers and get permanent help in the eyebrow department, would you?

We would, and now you can – with Ultra Lift Brow Technology. That’s a combo of eyebrow tattoo (yes, tattoo!) and permanent brow makeup you can count on to stay on. Here’s how it works.

What can Ultra Lift Brow technology do for me?

How to get perfect permanent brows with Ultra Brow Lift TechnologyUltra lift brow technology is for people who want fuller eyebrows. Either you’ve overplucked, you’re losing your hair or it’s too pale, or you just like the bushy Brooke Shields brow look but can’t achieve it on your own. The technology also saves you time in the makeup department. No more filling in the thin spots with pencil or powder. And with Ultra lift brow technology, you can go swimming or running and wipe your face as much as you want without the fear of losing your eyebrows.

How does permanent brow lift work?

While most of the eyebrow treatments in vogue these days add brow colour, this technology actually rebalances, lifts, shapes and harmonizes.

The technician can work wonders – she can augment, extend or simply improve the appearance of your eyebrows by either using colour mists or by weaving simulated hair strokes (microscopic in size) between the already existing natural ones. No one will know the difference between your actual brows and the new ones. No one but you, that is.

Is it safe?

Through the use of approved grade of pigments and one-time usable needles, the treatment is safe for clients – but it is permanent. In order to be sure that a particular pigment suits your skin tone, feel free to ask your artist to mix several pigments to make one that gives you that Aha moment.

Where should I get it done?

We recommend that you have Ultra Lift Brow Technology treatment done by a reputed and experienced technician only. As it’s a beauty treatment – like haircuts, manicures and tattoos – the results lie entirely in the hands of the artist. The last thing you want is a novice in the field can making your eyebrows look worse than before. Your best bet is to get recommendations from other clients and always take a look at the artist’s work before she works on you. Oh, and be sure to follow treatment after-care instructions to make sure your brows last as long as they can.

Pauline YoungbloodBeauty Expert Pauline Youngblood is founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

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