Remember when your mom gave you love advice and you wanted to kick her? Seriously. What did she know about love in modern times. A lot, it turns out. Now that we’re much older and we’d like to think much wiser, we can look at the advice our mothers gave us and hear it for what it was. Brilliant.

When it comes to love, does Mother know best? We say yes. Here’s why.

20 Brilliant Pieces of Advice from Mother

1. Every pot (or toilet seat) has a lid.

Pass It On: My Mother's Brilliant Advice About Love Sure, there was a whole string of guys that were about as far from a match as possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not out there. And he doesn’t need to be perfect. He may be all kinds of wrong for your friend or your sister, but somehow, he’s just right for you.

2. Go to the party! You never know who you’re going to meet.

This advice was ahead of its time because it actually refers to the power of networking. What makes it brilliant is it doesn’t matter who you go out with—your friends, solo, even another guy. Just getting out means you’ll meet people, and those people introduce you to other people, and so on and so on.

3. A stiff prick has no conscience.

Now that was a cool mom you should’ve listened to.

4. Make sure he loves you more than you love him. 

-Or at least more than he loves himself.

Pass It On: My Mother's Brilliant Advice About Love 5. One streetcar goes, the next streetcar comes.

Another version of this one: Men are like buses: If you miss you, there’s always another coming.

6. If you chase a man at the beginning of a relationship, you’ll end up chasing him all your life.

You can only chase something if it’s running away and why would anyone want someone who is running away? Better to value the man who shows interest right from day one.

7. Marry someone who knows how to give a good back scratch. 

You’ll be needing it more often than you think.

8. If a man can’t love you at your worst, he does not deserve you at your best.

Because let’s get real, you’re not always at your best (and neither is he).

9. It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one. 

Take your pick!

10. Observe how he treats his mother. 

Yeah, she would say that.

Pass It On: My Mother's Brilliant Advice About Love 11. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

She was wrong… its a little lower than that.

12. Never go to bed angry.

Stay up and fight!

13. Jealousy is not a compliment.

In other words, it’s what you don’t want.

14. There must be a big fire at the beginning for there to be a mere flame in the hard times.

Fiery is good!

15. Friends before lovers.

You’ll need that base for later.

16. Love shouldn’t be complicated. 

The more effortless it feels, the better the match.

Pass It On: My Mother's Brilliant Advice About Love17. Don’t love somebody just because he loves you.

It’s gotta be about what you need, too.

18. Heartache can’t kill you.

It may not feel like it, but a broken heart heals.

19. Your partner should bring out the best in you.

If he doesn’t, he’s not the right partner.

20. She subconsciously gave me this advice: see what I’m doing? Do the opposite.

Valuable, too. Wouldn’t you say?


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