Attention Netflix addicts, and all inmates! Clear your weekend, stock up on popcorn and get your couch-blanket ready. This Friday, June 6 marks the return of the highly anticipated second season of our favourite Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black. What? You’re coming down with a *cough cough* illness? Yes, now would be the ideal time to play hooky from life. (Not) Spoiler Alert: Orange is the New Black Season 2 If, like us, you’ve been counting down the days to the new season, then you may be a wee bit jealous to find out that we’ve just previewed the first couple of episodes.

Not to rub it in our anything (rub, rub), let’s just say they were worth the wait and already have us itching for more. If you recall (and we know you do), last season wrapped with Piper beating the faith healing bejeesus out of Pennsatucky during the holiday pageant (while Healey conveniently looked away).

Are you brimming with questions? Did Piper dig herself a deep and lonely pit? Did Pennsatucky make it? Does Pornstache get nailed for the drugs? Will we see Bennet shirtless ever again? We know you’re dying, but we’re not giving away the goods. But, just because we like to tease you, here are a few non-spoiler-spoilers to whet your appetite until corn-popping time at 12:01am sharp on Netflix this Friday.


Can We Expect A Change of Scenery? Early in the premiere episode, Piper is taken away from Litchfield and no one will tell her where she is going. Even the audience is left guessing her fate well after she arrives at her destination.

Is There A Beastly Betrayal? Oh yes. Brace yourself for the first shocker of the season. You won’t have to wait long before your jaw drops. Be ready, friends. This just may change everything.

Who’s The New Girl in Town?  We’ve known for a while that at least one new inmate was joining the ensemble this season. You’ll get a “tayste” of new inmate Vee and there’s no mistaking this fact: She’s set to shake things up in Litchfield Penitentiary.

What’s Up In Flashback City? As we learned in Season 1, information about each character is leaked through the use of flashbacks. The fun continues with some insight into a  as we are launched into the pasts of some of our favourite inmates.

Who Are The Golden Girls? One ostracized inmate finds new friends in the unlikeliest group. At first, we laughed but soon, it dawned on us that maybe these new compadres aren’t quite as tame as they appear.

What Happened to Pennsatucky? Nice try. Our lips are smiling – in a sealed way. You’ll have to watch to find out so set that PVR today.

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