Of course we know Jane Seymour. Elegantly English, beautifully poised, a star. We know her as a James Bond girl, as Dr. Quinn, as the hilarious mom from Wedding Crashers. We know her as an Emmy and Golden Globe winning actress and even as a recipient of the Office of the British Empire. We know her as conquering all as an actress: TV, Broadway, and film. Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection

Then there’s the Jane we didn’t know—the accomplished artist, painter and designer of something all women love—jewellery. A busy and successful woman,

Jane Seymour is in many ways, just like the rest of us. She’s had her ups and downs, and through the arts, she finds her peace.

To kick off her own jewellery line, she turned to her original artwork for inspiration, and the now iconic Open Heart design was created. It’s got two hearts connected and open at either end, symbolic of love that flows unconditionally and without boundaries. The full collection reflects all of life’s experience—joys, heartbreaks, and inspiration.

We sat down with Jane to find out what makes her tick. A little starstruck, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. After all, Jane Seymour! But the woman was even more poised and down-to-earth than we could have imagined. And peaceful. Talk about beauty radiating from within. Talk about brazen.

On being a Bond Girl: Well, I was very young and it was a very heady experience. Roger Moore had us all buzzing. It was like diving into the deep end of movies. Artwork - Hope and Change-Family with Open Heart

On taking your time and finding your thing: It never occurred to me not to do that. I have thought about how it’s hard for others, though. I take the time to meditate every day. Ten minutes of stillness to clear my mind and my heart and be in the moment. If you like art, start simple. Just doodle. I suggest listening to music, trying things until you find something that gives you joy. Do what makes you happy.

On her inspiration for the Open Hearts Jewellery line: It was my mother’s advice: You can only love if you heart is open. In life’s challenges, your first instinct is to close your heart. Open your heart, help someone else, love yourself, and then you’ll bring love in.

On her beauty tips and secrets: I think beauty is all about being real. I haven’t had any cosmetic surgery. As an actress, I need my face to be able to move. I believe in good skincare, exfoliating, and avoiding the sun to prevent sun damage. The same with my hair. I don’t expose it to the sun.


Favourite book: Miguel Angel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

Favourite Movie: The Godfather

Makeup or beauty product you can’t live without: Impossible to pick just one Concealer: Cle de Peau Lip liner: Mac Spice Eyes: Mac Teddy eye pencil

Favourite Hollywood hunk: This is a hard one. I sat next to Brad Pitt at an event. He’s a really nice man.

If you could be anywhere: With the people I love Jane Seymour Open Hearts Curlique Necklace

We love Jane’s gorgeous Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Curlique Pendant from the Jane Seymour Jewellery Open Hearts collection, valued at $149.


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