I’ll admit it. I’m a lash freak. What could be better than sporting thick, full, flirty, no-mascara-required eyelashes – all the time? Nothing makes you feel prettier or more feminine than batting those lovely eyes. It was back in my ‘Silver City Pink’ lipstick phase in high school that I first started dabbling in false fringes. How hard could applying a thin layer of glue and a strip of lashes on top really be? Turns out, it was a lot harder than I thought. In fact, I have never gotten it quite right. Maybe once? And even then, I was just a strong gust of wind away from having those lashes fly right off my face. And then, the best thing happened. Lash Extensions were invented.

Why you should try lash extensions

If you haven’t already tried them, listen up. This is important. I speak from experience when I say that you want to have gorgeous lashes that are yours to keep. Especially now that we are deep into the January blahs. Gorgeous Lash ExtensionsLash extensions are an innovative way to get long, thick lashes directly on top of yours. The procedure is easy. A tapered synthetic lash is bonded to a single natural lash, making for the most natural, undetectable result. Don’t worry. There are no old fashioned obvious strips.

You end up with thick, full, long lashes, nothing fake-looking in sight. To get a full set applied, the first appointment could take up to 1.5 hours – so be patient. When applied properly, using long-wearing adhesive, your new lashes can be worn throughout the year, with touch-ups every 3-4 weeks. The glue is non-irritating and will not harm your natural lashes one bit. In fact, this technique will actually allow your natural lashes to grow and thrive with the extensions on top.

Beauty tip: I use a growth serum at my lash line every night to keep my natural lashes in tip-top shape. Once your faux fringes are applied, they are yours in every sense of the word. That means you can get them wet, swim with them, wear eye makeup (and remove with non oil-based remover or cleanser) and most importantly, BAT them to your heart’s content.

Plus, you’d be surprised how much full lashes can open and define your eyes – no makeup required! When you book your extensions appointment, be sure to choose a reputable salon (just between us girls, I go to Kristen at Flirty Lashes in Toronto for mine) with a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist. And for fun, bring your camera. You might want a Before/After pic just to marvel at the difference a few extra lashes make.

photo credit: FoundryParkInn via photopin cc

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