Nothing makes watching TV more enjoyable than a few fine looking men. There may be a chill in the air this season, but thanks to these guys, our TV screens are doing their part to heat up the room. There are some familiar faces we welcome back—you know, those men who have a history of making us tune in. Others are newbies and have quickly risen through the ranks to to the top of our most wanted list. Here’s who we want to cuddle up and watch this fall.

Sullivan Stapleton Blindpot

Sullivan Stapleton (Blindspot on NBC) As his character Damian Scott in the Cinemax’s thrill ride Strike Back, Sullivan Stapleton has already earned himself a bit of a reputation for taking his clothes off (hear, hear!). Playing FBI agent Kurt Weller in NBC’s Blindspot, he will be fully dressed (dang it) but that won’t diminish his sex appeal. Get this. His life becomes entwined with a mysterious women with amneisa who has his name tattooed on her body. The Hot Factor: One look from Sully’s smouldering blue eyes would be enough to make us forget our own names.

Philip Winchester (The Player on NBC) Philip WInchester The Player We nearly melted when he smiled at us in The Player press room this summer at San Diego Comic Con. He’s a modern hero in this one: the player in a high stakes game where those with money to burn bet on his ability to stop crime. Philip promises that the action will be unlike anything we’ve seen on network TV before. Also, he will be running down the Las Vegas strip in nothing but his underwear. The Hot Factor: Um, ya, we will be taking a gamble and tuning into The Player this fall.

Grandfathered John Stamos (Grandfather on Fox) A perennial Brazen favourite, John Stamos can’t be old enough to be a grandfather, can he? He is ultra-suave as life long bachelor, Jimmy Martino, who has it all. We’re suckers for his shock as he learns the unthinkable: He has an adult son and a granddaughter to boot. Oopsie. The Hot Factor: Spoiler alert. This guy makes an adorable granddad.

The GrinderRob Lowe (The Grinder on Fox) How is it that Rob Lowe gets hotter with age? Let’s see if we can keep this straight: He’s an actor, playing an actor, who plays a lawyer who comes from a family of lawyers. When his show is cancelled, he tries to join the family business even though he has only ever been a lawyer on TV. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea. The Hot Factor: Rob Lowe in a suit is everything we dream of.

blood and oil Don Johnson (Blood and Oil on ABC) It’s been 30 years since Miami Vice became part of our pop culture. The show’s influence was even honoured at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con. In Blood and Oil, Don Johnson has traded in his pastel T-shirts for a cowboy hat as the head of the Briggs oil empire. He doesn’t take too kindly to a young upstart trying to muscle his way into the oil business in North Dakota. The Hot Factor: We are suckers for that southern drawl. Plus, honorable mention goes to Chace Crawford (you know, from Gossip Girl). Oh, stop. He’s 30. That’s old enough to ogle. Did we miss anyone? Who is your number one TV hunk?  

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