Thanks to Netflix, we love to camp out in front of our not-so-small screens and (almost) take for granted our fabulously modern appetite of commercial-free binge watching episode marathons. Gone are the days when the most gut-wrenching scene in your favourite TV show was rudely interrupted by a tampon commercial. And now Netflix has got the corner on something we can’t seem to get enough of: the original TV show market.

In 2012, Netflix first dipped into original programming by debuting the dramedy, Lillyhammer. The award-winning and groundbreaking House of Cards and Orange is the New Black quickly followed, gluing us to our small screens. And now that the demand for binge watching has soared, Netflix plans on releasing as many as 20 original programs every year. That’s one every 2-3 weeks!

Now for the hard part. Which Netflix originals are you going to tune into this year? What’s new and different on your TV screen? Well, no more surfing reviews trying the find the best of the newest. We’ve got some fantastic choices right here—along with the dates you’ll want to start tuning in.


5 New Netflix 2015 TV Originals You'll Want to Watch


Start watching March 6, 2015

Created by a Brazen favourite, Tina Fey, this comedy about a cult escapee trying to make it on her own in New York will make you pee your pants when you laugh. The comedy was original scheduled to air on NBC when it was suddenly dropped. Netflix to the rescue. It picked it up and made it even better: Cut scenes were returned during the re-edit allowing the story to expand. A second season is already in the works.


5 New Netflix 2015 TV Originals You'll Want to Watch


Start watching March 20, 2015

The twists and turns in this thriller about a family with dark secrets will thrill you. Even better, you won’t have to wait a week to see what happens in the next episode. From the creators of Damages (yet another great series available on Netflix), you will see a family ripped apart by deception and treachery—all because some nice people did a bad thing. Having hottie Kyle Chandler as a star doesn’t hurt either.


5 New Netflix 2015 TV Originals You'll Want to WatchDAREDEVIL

Start watching April 10, 2015 Blinded as a boy, he’s a lawyer by day turned vigilante by night. That makes for just the sort of daredevil drama we’re into and this one promises to be more adult than cartoon-y. Thankfully, this is not Ben Affleck’s daredevil, either. It’s a gritty crime drama first, comic book hero second. Get your comic geek on by watching this movie quality series 13 epsiodes back to back.



Start watching May 8, 2015 5 New Netflix 2015 TV Originals You'll Want to Watch

Two rival women are smack in the middle of what should be their golden years, find out that their husbands have fallen in love. Wait for it. With each other. Now, all of a sudden, the women’s lives are hopelessly intertwined, much to their dismay. And just in time for wedding plans for their soon-to-be ex-husbands to start, no less. We were over-the-top excited to see who stars here. It’s old pros Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin finally reuniting after their twin turn in the wildly successful  Nine to Five back in the 80s.


5 New Netflix 2015 TV Originals You'll Want to Watch


Start watching Dec 12, 2014

This addictive old-world feisty, fearless drama got a jump on 2015 by kicking off in December. Flamed by critics but loved by fans, Marco Polo has already got a cult following and has been renewed for its second season. In a nutshell, this one is Game of Thrones for the Kung Fu crowd. Sweeping vistas, spectacular costumes, oh ya, and some smoldering sex make it a perfect binge-watching treat.

So? What’s your fave Netflix TV original debuting this year? Did we miss any?

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