The cold grayness of winter has settled in and we are stuck inside, ready to park ourselves where we belong: in front of the tube. Blink blink. What’s this? Why are networks torturing us with long dry spells from our favourite TV shows exactly when they have us right where they want us? Blindspot, Nashville, Greys Anatomy, and Once Upon a Time—cough, cough—we are looking at you.

Well, guess what? We’ve discovered some new kids on the block, and even a few exciting revivals. We’ll call these mid-season fillers ‘must watch tv shows’ to entertain us while we wait out the remainder of winter under a cozy warm blanket, and do our part by eating too much and neglecting exercise. (Yeah, we’re kidding.)


telenovelaTelenovela: January 4 NBC

Eva Longoria returns to TV as the star of a Spanish soap opera who doesn’t speak, get this, Spanish. And lo and behold, her off screen drama might actually do the job of rivalling her on screen scripts. Not only does Eva bring the funny in this comedy but you can count on something even more engaging: a number of hot Spanish men appearing. Clearly, that’s the tradition among the infamous telenovelas. Who knew?

Rippling abs. Sexy accents. Muy Caliente.

angel from hellAngel From Hell: January 7 CBS

If someone showed up claiming to be your guardian angel, would you believe her? We would. We were always jealous of Cinderalla. Jane Lynch plays a usually tipsy, somewhat eccentric woman who claims to be Allison’s guardian angel, imagine that. Of course, Allison thinks the woman is crazy until her wacky predictions start coming true. How very Bewitched.

Every woman needs an odd friend in her life who can save the day.

shades of blueShades of Blue: January 7 NBC

She’s done everything else by now, so it’s no wonder that the sexy Jennifer Lopez has made the jump to television. Is there anything J-Lo can’t do? She plays a dirty cop caught up in an FBI sting and forced to squeal on her even more dangerous co-workers. All she wants to do, though, is protect her daughter. Too bad the lines between right and wrong have become, perhaps, forever blurred.

We all want to be is J-Lo. Does this woman never age?


billionsBillions: January 17 Showtime

If you don’t know who Damien Lewis is, then you need to get with the program. This program, anyway. Paul Giamatti plays a US attorney who has decided to take on the king of the New York hedge funds (Damian Lewis). Is he really as bad as he seems?

Who would have thought that Wall Street could look so good? OK, fine. We did.


Mercy StreetMercy Street: January 17 PBS

PBS continues to boast some of the best television out there and lucky for us, Mercy Street is no exception. Two volunteer nurses are the focus as they navigate life during the chaos of the Civil War. A real period piece brought to the small screen, the series is based on real events as shared through letters from that time.

With the end of Downton Abbey, Mercy Street fills the historical drama spot.


x-files-2016X-Files: January 24 Fox

Technically not a “new” show but the truth is still out there so it’s, well, revived. And we’re all in. Who better to continue the search into the unexplained than Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? The limited series has brought back many favourite characters including the Smoking Man and The Lone Gunman.

A little older and a little wiser. Has Scully started believe in the unbelievable? We do.


luciferLucifer: January 25 Fox

When the Devil gets bored where would he go? Why, the City of Angels, of course. People can’t help but tell him their hidden desires, and Lucifer (the very charming Tom Ellis) has the talent to use those to help fight crime in L.A.

Everyone loves a good bad boy.


grease liveGrease Live: January 31 Fox

Get your tight black pants and poodle skirts ready for the latest musical to be broadcast live on network TV. Danny and Sandy are reunited when she transfers to his school. He’s the cool guy. She’s the shy new girl trying to win back his heart.

Travolta and Newton-John they’re not, but hey, we always wanted to be part of the Pink Ladies.


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