The transition from summer to fall brings more than just warm woolies, boots, leather jackets and all things pumpkin. Thankfully, it also marks the end of rerun season. Finally. We are so ready for a fresh batch of TV shows to get us through these indoor fall nights. Never sure what to watch on TV? Need some recommendations before you get hooked?

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Red Band Society is a new coming of age story that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all over. Similar to The Breakfast Club of the 80s (think witty one-liners), this time, the setting is a children’s hospital. Teenage angst is the least of the characters’ worries as they and their families learn to cope with life-changing challenges.

Why We Will Watch – Heart wrenching, heart warming and at times, surprisingly funny, you’ll want to keep your Kleenex handy. Catch it September 17 on Fox.


madam secretary

Madam Secretary follows the newly appointed Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord, as she navigates the ever-changing landscape of world and domestic affairs. Expect some back room dealings as McCord uses her background as a CIA analyst to get things done – some of which are not endorsed by the White House.

Why We Will Watch – A tough woman going toe to toe with the most powerful men in the world and winning – something we can all aspire to. Catch it September 21 on CBS. GothamOne of the most highly anticipated shows of the season.

Gotham explores the history of Commissioner Jim Gordon as a rookie cop rising through the ranks in a corrupt city. Gordon’s first case is the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of a young Bruce Wayne, aka the future Batman. As Gordon navigates the dark seedy underworld in his quest to solve crime, he will confront characters that will become some of the most notorious villains of the DC Comics Universe.

Why We Will Watch –  Watching what makes otherwise normal young people turn into the baddest of the bad will feed your voyeuristic side. And fyi, the future Commissioner is really easy on the eyes. Catch it September 22 on Fox. stalker-official-trailer

Stalker is an eerie, creepy and deliciously suspenseful crime drama that follows a specialized unit of detectives who have an intimate knowledge of what makes stalkers tick. Warning – you may never look at your throw rug the same again.

Why We Will Watch – Some tall, dark eye candy in the delicious form of Dylan McDermott mixed with a make-you-jump thriller? Yes please! Don’t watch this one alone… Catch it October 1 on CBS.

GRACEPOINTGracepoint is based on the critically acclaimed British series, Broadchurch. The murder of  a young boy in a small town upends its residents as neighbours can’t help but turn on neighbours.

Why We Will Watch – The brilliant original series this one is based on had twists and turns you never saw coming. Now, with the  introduction of new characters and plot lines, hopes are high we’ll be glued. Catch it October 2 on Fox.

Tell us: Which shows are you excited about this fall?

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