You probably already know that Kijiji is Canada’s #1 classifieds destination, with more than half of the country’s online population visiting every month. In other words, newbie second-hand economy sellers alike are late to the game. Well, in this case, timing means nothing, my friends. That’s because over the past month, I’ve become—no joke!—a Kijiji selling pro. *Woman takes a bow*

Since the day I cleared out a room stuffed with stuff I didn’t need and downloaded the Kijiji app, I have been learning on the go, and winning the second-hand economy game. Canadians, on average, earn $1,037 by selling on Kijiji. So far, I have pocketed $1,365  and I’m just getting started. Oh, and I have also agreed to sell my dining room table for $3,500 and that cash is funding brand new one! Oh and Mara? In her quest to make-over her spare room with treasures she can’t find anywhere else—and that she can make her own? Well, she’s found some unique pieces at great prices that she’s DIY’ing into something really special. The best part? Instead of spending around $800 on a desk, chair, and bookshelf, she’s spent under $300 (including paint and some accessories from her fave home store).


Not a bad side hustle, wouldn’t you say?

The scary room before the Kijiji challenge

Monetize Your Clutter: 10 Tips for Becoming a Top Seller (and Buyer) on Kijiji

What the scary room looks like now

We’ve already shared our tips for how to get the best deals when you’re buying on Kijiji. We’ve also given you a glimpse into some of the treasures we’ve bought and sold, and how our transactions transpired in real life. While I’ve been busy selling and making money, my Brazen Co-Editor, Mara, has been hard at work furnishing her study —and the rest of her house— with her finds, and has saved hundreds of dollars by buying second-hand instead of new. Follow on social for the final reveal!

But you know what’s even more juicy than saving money? Fattening your wallet by becoming a top seller on Kijiji. Pretty much anyone can do it and getting started is simple, as I found out. You just click “Post Ad” on the Kijiji app or your desktop, and follow the step-by-step instructions. From there, all you have to do is use my smart (if I do say so myself) strategies to get your items noticed and maximize your profits. Check out what I’ve learned about selling on Kijiji, no matter which side of the transaction you’re on.

10 things I have learned about selling (and buying) on Kijiji

SMART SELL TIP #1:  Download the Kijiji app on your phone.

Downloading the Kijiji app was key because it notified me with an alert every time a message came through. That way, I didn’t miss any opportunities to engage with buyers. As backup, I added my cell number to my profile and I’m

glad I did. Why? When I didn’t check the app’s easy-to-use messaging system right away, a text came through, and eager, more serious, buyers were able to reach me before anyone else.

BUY TIP: Since Kijiji tends to reward first come, first serve, buyers, they should use the phone number as a secret weapon to text and hopefully reach the seller before anyone else.

SMART SELL TIP #2: Add lots of photos, including close-ups.

Monetize Your Clutter: 10 Tips for Becoming a Top Seller (and Buyer) on Kijiji

Brand Logo from my Kijiji Ad

Nothing sells an item like a great visual that showcases its attributes. Using a high-end camera or your smartphone in good light, staging the item, removing surrounding clutter, featuring different angles and using the flash when you don’t have natural light will make your item stand out. Make sure to show buyers that your item is authentic—especially if it is a designer brand, like my Canada Goose jacket. One buyer asked me to take close-up shots of the labels and buttons and other identifying logos so she could be sure it was the real deal. Be smart and make it easy for them by doing it before they ask.

BUY TIP: Always ask for close-up shots of logos and/or labels that prove an item is authentic or that show the true condition of the item.

SMART SELL TIP #3: Think about price before you set it.

Setting a price is tricky business because the fact is, an item is only worth what someone will pay. Of course, I knew what I paid for my clarinet, how old it was and how often it was used, for instance, but I also did my homework by searching Kijiji to see what similar clarinets were priced at.  I wanted a quick sale, so I decided to undercut the others by $50, and doing so paid off! A woman had been checking Kijiji daily looking for what I had, and she messaged me within minutes. I sold it without even having to negotiate.

BUY TIP: Do your homework on Kijiji (and Google too) so you know what the going rate is before you buy or make an offer.

SMART SELL TIP #4: Be clear but have fun with your description. 

If you want your item to stand out, get creative. In your title, use words or phrases like, “HARDLY USED”, “NEVER OPENED”, “MUST SEE”, or something that draws attention to the unique or cool product. Use clear language, highlight the best aspects and use keywords someone would use to search for your item. Then provide a detailed description, including technical specifications, measurements, condition, age, upgrades, and warranty. You want to make it easy for buyers and save on back-and-forth questions and answers.

BUY TIP: Ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand exactly what you’re buying before heading out to inspect a potential purchase.

SMART SELL TIP #5: Decide how low you’re willing to go. 

It turned out that I had to field lots of offers from buyers for some of my items at a lower price, so I realized I had to decide on my bottom line. Sometimes, I was flexible because I received very few bites and was eager to sell. Other times, I felt that my price was so low that it made more sense to stay firm rather than sell at what I felt was a loss. Ultimately, it was my decision whether to keep the thing or sell it low just to get rid of it.

BUY TIP: Offering an unreasonably low purchase price on an item can turn off a seller, especially if the item is popular, so keep that in mind when you are negotiating.

SMART SELL TIP #6: Have conversations with potential buyers. 

Monetize Your Clutter: 10 Tips for Becoming a Top Seller (and Buyer) on KijijiNobody has time to waste, so the best way to know if buyers are just looking or genuinely interested in your items is to talk to them, whether that’s through the Kijiji app, by text or by phone. I checked area codes, asked where people were coming from, and asked if they had any questions about the state of my items. I was as honest and up front as possible, and after enough communication, intentions became clear.

BUY TIP: Be friendly and approachable when contacting a seller, and let them know how serious you are about purchasing the item.

SMART SELL TIP #7: Meet in a public place and/or bring a friend.

For peace of mind, I always offered to do the exchange in a public place. I also dragged my husband along, just to have someone around that I trust. If the item you’re selling is too large to carry—like my dining room table, for instance—you may have to open your home to buyers. It’s always a good idea to make sure you are not alone in that case.

BUY TIP: Same applies to buying as selling. Meet in a public place or bring someone along. If you do have to go to someone’s home, talk to the seller on the phone first and trust your intuition. Don’t go into a home, especially if you’re alone, if you have any reservations.

SMART SELL TIP #8: Accept cash or e-transfers only.

Your best, most solid bet is to use e-transfers you can accept while you’re still face-to-face with your buyer, or good ol’ cash. Be clear about your expected payment method before making the trek out.

BUY TIP: Ask how they want to be paid. If you offer to pay by e-transfer or cash at the outset, the seller will know you are an authentic buyer, but do inspect the item first to make sure you’re all in.

SMART SELL TIP #9: Promote your ad!

Want to get your ad seen fast? Duh.

Kijiji offers several options that will make your ad stand out:

  • Top Ad: Places your ad in prime position (up to 10x more views)
  • Bump Up: Raises your ad in search results
  • Highlight Ad: Helps your ad stand out with a blue background
  • Urgent & Reduced: Flags your ad with a red banner
  • Home Page: Features your ad on the Kijiji homepage
  • URL: Adds your website’s URL to drive buyers to your website

BUY TIP: Scan the promoted ads first, then delve deeper into the site. And refresh, refresh, refresh. New ads come up every minute.

SMART SELL TIP #10: Stay open to future relationships.

Buyers are looking for genuine sellers, who have great stuff to pass on at fair prices. Through Kijiji, I have not only made friends, but I am building a following as well, so keep in mind that how you do business will help you long-term.

BUY TIP: Be friendly and open. Remember, you’ll gets the same rush the seller does when a great exchange is made. It’s a win-win all round.

Note: This post was generously sponsored by Kijiji but as usual, all tips, opinions, and experiences are our own. 











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