Were you ever told not to throw anything out? Well, here’s one good reason not to Spring clean your closet too fast: Trends are like boomerangs. They always come back around. There are the ones we love and ones that have us sitting here scratching our heads, wondering Is this for real? Are you ready for the latest trend? Even if you’re not, here it comes. It’s a throwback to the late 80s and early 90s.

Yup, the latest It Trend is the so-called Mom Jean.

We know what you’re picturing. High-waisted, slim, tapered leg, denim. Otherwise known as the jean considered to be neither fashionable nor flattering. However, since fashionistas don’t judge so fast, the ruling is still out on this one. With a name like Mom Jean, it’s hard to like them before we try them on. But try them on I did – with some surprising results. Read on for everything you need to know to embrace the Mom Jean trend.

What to look for in a Mom Jean

Mom Jean Trend

The new Mom Jean has some subtle differences from the ones you couldn’t wait to ditch. Nowadays, they combine the best of two jeans we love, especially for curvy girls: the flattering high-waisted and the cozy boyfriend. The silhouette is baggier and more comfortable than it used to be. They come in different lengths (including shorts) and can be rolled at the bottom or worn cropped. There are so many colours to choose from: blue, dark blue, light blue, black and, of course, the We Dare You acid wash. (Stop. Laughing.)

Fashion Tip: You can never go wrong with a vintage wash medium blue jean, no matter what the style.

How to wear the Mom Jean

Mom Jean Trend

If you are brave enough to accentuate your midriff (you’re working on those abs, so why not show it?), go for it. The best way to style these jeans are with the new crop top and ballet flats or strappy sandals. If you want to make the look edgier, tuck in a blouse and go with heels or booties. The key is not to buy the jeans too tight. You want them to sit comfortably on your waist so you can move freely and easily tuck in a top, like a T-shirt or a crisp white blouse.

Try the Mom Jean trend to join the ranks of celebs who are already sporting the style. But wait! Before you toss your low rise jeans, remember this: There’s a reason they were en vogue – and we predict they’ll make their comeback soon enough. So maybe just let them take a break for awhile.

Will Mom Jeans last? Are you in or are you out?

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Debbie is a happily married, suburban mother of 2 boys. She has spent the past 15 years in the food industry and over the last 2 years has grown a love for writing and blogging about her life experiences as a mom. While not working as a hiring consultant and juggling her busy household that includes two young boys, she can be found tweeting @debbiedavidov and on her blog and facebook page, Me, Myself and Kids. She is a lover of chocolate, wine, fashion and reality television...not necessarily in that order.

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