fresh like flowersPreparing my treatment room for a professional photographer, I needed to add one more thing to make it picture perfect. Fresh flowers always adds a special touch and since I’m a Skin Care Therapist and Esthetician, my attention to detail is always a must. So I wanted my flowers to look as fresh as the day I got them. But how? What would infuse my petals with freshness and keep them supple for as long as possible? Then the inevitable happened.

Before I had a chance to think, I turned to my left and there it was: Dermalogica’s Antioxidant Hydramist.

It’s the fantastic toner I use to keep clients’ faces feeling and looking fresh and it occurred to me – suddenly – that it was time to put this product to the freshness test. You know what’s coming next. I picked it up and sprayed my floral beauties enthusiastically. I know what you’re thinking: Why? What? Huh? There was, of course, a method to my madness.

As you may know, toner’s main purpose is to hydrate and re-balance the PH level on your skin. But what you probably don’t know is that this particular toner has many amazing ingredients which include Palmitoyl Peptide-5. Most important, these ingredients all combat free radical damage, which is created by oxidation and can accelerate aging and negative health problems. Anti-oxidants, like those found in this toner, keep the oxidation process in check. Use it consistently over a period of time and it will create a flash firming effect, restoring your skin’s suppleness.

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

I love, love, love this product and it only costs $49. Use it to set your make-up, before your moisturizer, or any time – as a pick me up. Another bonus: It’s ideal for long flights as well. Just take a look at my flowers for the proof that Dermalogica Hydramist delivers. A few days later and they look just as fresh as the first day I bought them. photo credit: 55Laney69 via photopin cc

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My passion is education,serving and just plain making men and woman feel and look their best. I'm a Skin Care Therapist and Esthetician and my attention to detail is one of my greatest characteristics. Being a Gemini, I've been told that I have two sides to my personality........a quiet side and a devilish side. I wonder which one will come out to play. Stayed tuned.

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