Have you been walking around tempted to pull out your static electricity hair before it drives you nuts? The dryness will do that to you—and a whole lot more damage. It’s pretty relentless. In fact, the combo of harsh, cold weather and too much indoor heat can leave what you may once thought of as your best asset looking lacklustre and, in a word, fried.

With warmer weather upon us, we’ve got a job to do. Just in time to prep your hair for spring, we’ve got celebrity hair expert Juan Carlos Maciques on hand to share his tips. This season’s secret? Less is more with a few quick fixes—including the best cuts for easy style and some celeb-worthy products—to give your hair a spring reboot.

5 Smart Ways to Get Gorgeous Spring Hair


The Low Maintenance Guide to Gorgeous Spring HairAfter a long, cold, dry winter, it’s no wonder your hair is desperate for some much-needed resuscitation. Look for an intense mask to help repair damage and have your hair back to its luxurious self. The fact is, harsh weather and beautiful hair do not play well together.

Bottom Line: Your hair needs moisture and nourishment to help repair split ends and strengthen weak cuticles. Your conditioner alone is not enough.

TRY THIS: L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm is amazing and if you can splurge a bit, Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque works wonders. If you’re a do it yourself kind of gal, coconut oil and avocado are the perfect additions to lock in moisture.


Looking for a transformation? Spring is the ideal time to refresh your look. As the snow melts away and the sun comes back out, your dry, brittle, grown-out style just won’t cut it. For the warmer months, look for a cut that works with your natural texture and personality.

Once the heat comes back, the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours styling your hair, and lucky for us, loose, unkempt textured styles are in style.

TRY THIS: Make your haircut work for you and it will actually help you cut back on time and heat that styling requires.The Low Maintenance Guide to Gorgeous Spring Hair


The thinner your hair, the greater chance it will fall flat. So here’s a question: Why fight it? You don’t have to create dimension with layers or bangs. Instead, embrace a one-length cut which creates the illusion of volume without the extra effort. Then you can go ahead and air-dry away.

TRY THIS: Go with a one-length and keep your length just past your shoulders for added weight. You’ll be surprised at how much easy volume you create. 


The key to managing thick hair? That’s easy: long layers. Every woman with thick hair has been frustrated with its tendency to poof out in volume and size when cut short. Length and layers will cut down your styling time by removing weight from the ends while providing movement for a fresh look.

TRY THIS: Make sure your stylist knows how to cut long layers. They will remove the weight that causes your hair to make you crazy with its big, fat poof. 


The Low Maintenance Guide to Gorgeous Spring HairWe’re all guilty of sticking to our favourite hair care products forever, but you’re doing your hair a disservice. As the seasons change, your arsenal of products needs to change along with it. For spring, steer towards products that both nourish and protect as you prep your hair for increased sun exposure. Just like we protect our skin, we should protect our hair and scalp. You’ll want to swap out your winter essentials for scalp and hair protecting treatments infused with SPF to shield your strands from harmful UV rays, as well as adding moisture from root to tip.

TRY THIS: Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer and Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil are great spring products. Not only do they protect against UV rays but wards off damage from hot tools, salt and chlorine.

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