Everyone says that hitting 40 is hard but turning 50, well, that’s a milestone. It’s halfway to 100, after all. Well, I for one am happy to be in midlife. In fact, I’m downright giddy about it. Why? Because life starts at whatever age you finally grow up and realize that it’s yours to live.

The Best is Yet to Come: 11 Reasons I'm Excited to Turn 50How am I making sure the best years are yet to come? Easy. I’m making sure my life starts exactly the way I want it, now that I know who I am and how to live the way I want. Whatever age you’re at, you can do the same just by using these pearls of wisdom. Do it. Do it now.

Turning 50: Why Being a Midlife Woman is Pretty Great

1. You can really do you.

You don’t give a crap what people think of how you look or what you do for a living. What is important is how you carry yourself and how you treat others. Want to put on that cute little blonde wig to go to your little pub? Go for it girl. Whatever makes you feel fresh and a little cheeky is a great thing, no matter what anyone else thinks.

2. You can name your station and live in it.

You’ve arrived at your “station” in life so why not name it? You’re the queen of it. Mine is called Brat Land but you can call yours what you want. I even gave a name to my new sports car—Mila. PS. I traded in my SUV. Who needs that at age 50? I’m not hauling cattle or even kids for that matter. I’m maybe just hauling a little bag from Holt Renfrew or a cute vintage shop where I bought a little plaid skirt for twenty bucks.

3. You should go naked (almost).

You realize you can dress as you please and you don’t need makeup. Just a good moisturizer and a tad of lipstick. Less is definitely more as you age. Who needs Bobbi Brown or Chanel? I buy the cutest colours from Shoppers with my Optimum card and get credit in return. Who needs to invest in 20 shades of blush in a desperate attempt to find exactly the right one that will make you beautiful? Buy one nice one and “Beauty” is your name.

4. You’ve earned the right to stand tall and proud.

Fifty is just a number just like a cigar is just a cigar. Be proud of your age and all the life lessons you’ve learned and the beautiful fine lines on your face that showcase them. By 50, there should be no more building of self esteem. By now, you are who you are and you better start feeling good about who you are whether you are a size 2 or a size 16. If you don’t, it’s time to get yourself a good shrink or at least a good friend to shake you into the realization that you’re beautiful inside and out.

5. Your sex gets better.

When you’re more comfortable in your own skin, inhibitions get old. Feel like you’re drying up? Nonsense. Get yourself some high end lube from your favourite classy sex shop and work on exploring like never before. It’s all the stress relief you need after a long day at work, even if it’s DIY.

The Best is Yet to Come: Why Turning 50 is Pretty Great

6. You’re really just getting started.

By now, you’ve gone through major milestones such as marriage, divorce, buying houses, popping out kids, forging a career, and whatever else. You have nothing left to prove to anyone except maybe yourself. That said, you’re not ready to go out and buy a rocking chair and start knitting scarves and hats. Set yourself some goals just because you want to, and don’t be afraid of new opportunities and challenges based on your age.

7. You deserve to splurge. 

If you hate cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning, you can finally let on. By now, you should have the courage to delegate all those things without feeling guilt or shame. And no, you don’t have to clean the house before the cleaning lady comes or feign being tired or sick while she works. You’ve paid your dues and you deserve to enjoy and reap the benefits. Oh and yes to full service gas when it’s freezing out. And to that weekly blow dry your mother used to get. What a treat.

8. You know how to work it.

You should feel so comfortable in your own skin that you can pull on your favourite jeans that feel like sweatpants paired a cute little bargain blouse and you’re ready for anything, even a top restaurant or theatre event. Spicing up your outfit by mixing the expensive with the cheap is an art that is learned over time.

9. You surround yourself with love.

You know how to handle drama with grace and charm and without letting it affect your mood and you feel free to ditch the high maintenance friends. Keep those around you who are honest, true to you and love you for all of you—the good, bad and at times the ugly. Keep your girlfriends close no matter how lovely your partner is. Girls understand girls, and the ones that come with wine are the most valuable.

10. You live in the moment.

If you stay where you are, you’ll make time go slower and appreciate every moment. What never stops is growth. Enjoy growing spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Take time out for you—as much as you possibly can, even if that’s to sip coffee and read the paper and catch up on the news you’ve missed in the last ten years.

11. You’re free to dump the guilt.

As the family thins out, you’ve got more time to yourself. Take it and use it to explore hobbies, whether that’s dancing, reading, or just binge watching your TV shows into the wee hours of the morning. Gotta love Netflix: You get what you want when you want it. And isn’t that what life’s all about?



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