To our readers, For today’s post we wanted to write to you, our readers. January 1st is a new beginning for everyone. It’s a chance to have a fresh start, to look forward, to plan, to seize opportunities. And so, we’re taking today’s post to share with you our thoughts and dreams for this coming year. As we plan for what’s coming next, we also take a moment to look back. The year 2013 was pretty amazing. Most particularly because we launched our dream, this website. You may have wondered how it all came about – when the seeds for our site were planted, and why and how we chose to create Brazen Woman. We’re happy to share the story.


One day, we were planning the editorial calendar for our previous blog, which was a site for parents of teens. We realized that we were tired of talking about our kids (and our kids were kinda tired of us talking about them, too). We were also were fed up with the lack of relevant content that was available to women like us. We were no longer focused on our kids, but nowhere near wanting to talk menopause either. What we wanted was a fun, positive place to go to read about things we love – beauty, fashion, health, fitness, love, sex, shopping, drinking, books, and entertainment. But it didn’t exist. Sure, there were lifestyle sites that touched on those topics, but none came without a side of college boyfriends, diapers, or hot flashes. And so, we created one. The idea for Brazen Woman – a place women 35+ can visit for a quick hit of me time – came alive over lunches, coffees, glasses of wine, and rather tempestuous (albeit entertaining and productive) debates. It was all worth it – the time, the discussions, the scrutiny, the minute attention to detail, the delays.. (well, maybe not the delays…).

We are so proud of what we have accomplished and of what we share on a daily basis. Everyone who creates for Brazen Woman – editors and contributors alike – brings a unique strength and perspective to the table. We believe it is the sum of these parts that makes this website special. Every share, comment and visit means that we’ve given you what you’re looking for. We thank you every day for joining our growing community.

Without you, we just have words. It’s YOU that brings them alive.

Looking forward to 2014 marks not just the end of a spectacular year, but the beginning of an even better one. We have a ton of excitement planned – exclusive new products, contests, the best information and tips from our experts, fantastic book club features, new contributors, and so much more (including some big surprises we’re not going to tell you about just yet). We’re determined to give you what you’re looking for, and to share the scoop in our signature upbeat style.

Please tell us what you’d like to see featured, and as always, we will hunt it down. As we welcome a new year, we have to stop to wonder just how we’re going to one up ourselves, be better, faster, more creative, more fun, more interesting. It’s going to be tough job. But we’re up for the challenge. And so, we say Happy New Year to all of you. May you be your most Brazen selves in 2014.

All the best, Randi & Mara

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