You know how it is. It’s party time and we want to look great in photos. In fact, we want to look so good, so great, that we’ll share the hell out of them on every social channel we’ve got. Listen, we’re lucky. These days, we’re no longer stuck with rolls of random unflattering snaps. Now, we can instantly deleParty Time: How to Look Great in Photos Every Damn Timete the ones where we’re squinting and it’s our bad side to boot. Well, not anymore. Not when you can look amazing. Every. Damn. Time.

Come to think of it, there are a few steps we can take to make sure that we look best for our Big Night Out photos, like say, on New Year’s Eve—or at any celebration where dressing up is all about looking and feeling glam. Oh, and sharing how hot we look and feel. Yes, oh yes.

The Top 4 Beauty Tips to Look Great in Photos—Every Single Time

How to Look Great in Photos with Alcon Multifocal contact Lenses1. DITCH YOUR GLASSES

Do you find that when you take off your glasses, you almost don’t recognize your own eyes? Well, pretty shouldn’t be hidden.

We get it. We’re the brazen women whipping out our reading glasses at restaurants and whipping them off before smiling for photos. We’re all for smart as the new sexy but the fact is, the librarian look definitely has its time and place. Who doesn’t want to “take it all off” now and then?

Do what we do and try the new multifocal contact lenses from Alcon. They’re little discs of magic. All you do is pop them in and you can see far and close and everything in between. Time to ditch those frames and still be able to see everything—even the fine print.

Need to Know: They’re available in daily disposable and monthly wear options. Trust us, once you try these lenses, you’ll be hooked. We are. Visit for more info.

How to Pose for Photos and Look Great2. HIGHLIGHT TONED ARMS

Been working on your arms at the gym? Even if it’s winter, you want to show those babies off—and you should. That means no matter what your mother says about getting cold, you shouldn’t be afraid to buy a sleeveless dress or top if you can rock it.

Just grab a cashmere wrap and head out. When you get to where you’re going, don’t be shy to take it and stuff it into your purse to go sleeveless.

Need to Know: In photos, if you’re next to a guy, you can use him as your prop. Just place your hand on his stomach or chest and push away from your body so you engage the muscles. That way, in pics, you’ll end up seeing the definition you’ve worked so hard for.


Party Time: How to Look Great in Photos Every Damn TimeYeah, we know. You don’t want to spackle on the makeup. We’ve got news for you: natural definitely is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t glow a little. The first step is to stay hydrated. Water will make you glow from within. Next, prep your face with a gentle exfoliant before moisturizing.

If you’ve got time, head to your local beauty counter (we like Sephora because they’ve got choice) and pick up a foundation or BB Cream that enhances—instead of hiding—your natural skin tone. Steer clear of heavy potions that will look cakey. Lightly applied bronzer where the sun hits your face will get you exactly where you need to go.

Need to Know: Enhancing more than one of your features will look more 80s than current so choose a smokey eye or a statement lip—not both. PS. Everyone can wear red lipstick. The trick is pick the right shade.

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