Finding just the right moisturizer is tricky business. It’s got to be the right weight, leave no greasy residue and hydrate your skin just so. To make matters more complicated, what works for day doesn’t work for night, and what works for your face doesn’t work for your body. Never mind the headache you get trying to find the best of the best, by the time you do (if you do), you just may be bordering on broke. The New Hydrating Oils: Try Them, You'll Love ThemYou’ve probably noticed the newest in skin care on beauty shelves, since it’s trending everywhere. We’re talking about oils, of course. And although there are lots of skin oils around, we’ve found one we love, and that we need to tell you about.

From the makers of Bio-Oil comes Lipidol, a brand new line of essential oils designed for daily skincare that will fit right into your beauty routine. What makes it so great? These are affordable oils that work.

The fact is, how we live every day—everything from hand washing, bathing, even heat and air conditioning—strips our skin of natural oils, causing it to dry out and lose precious moisture. That’s where Lipidol comes in.

OK, confession time. We were pretty nervous about rubbing oil into our skin. If you’ve got an oily or even a combination  complexion with an oily T-zone, adding more oil seems kinda risky. But before you get flashbacks of dabbing acne cover-up all over your face in the high school bathroom, there’s no need to panic. These are like no oils you’ve ever used. These oils may feel wet in your hands, but they dry fast on your skin. And then they work their magic.


  • Oils hydrate, protect and help balance the skin
  • Oils keep skin moisturized
  • Oils protect the lipid layer (oily layer) of the skin
  • Oils help the skin retain moisture
  • Oils deliver concentrated ingredients, so a little goes a long way


Lipidol Skin and Body Oils: Try them to see how good they are

The new Lipidol line, which includes a cleanser, overnight face oil, cleansing body oil, after shower oil and after shave oil, makes your skin feel soft and supple from head to toe. We tested the products and were amazed by their effectiveness. Here’s what you’re in for:

  • The cleansing oil goes onto a dry face. Smooth on a small amount, the add some water and feel it cream up just enough to cleanse your skin free of makeup of impurities. When you rinse, there’s none of that soap tightness. Just softness all over.
  • The overnight face oil doesn’t give you pimples. By the time you get from the bathroom to the bed, your skin has absorbed it.
  • The cleansing body oil has a light lemony-lime scent that smells fresh. It goes on wet skin, spreads easily into a creamy liquid and disappears with water, leaving your skin incredibly soft.
  • The after shower oil absorbs instantly, leaving a satin feel to skin. You don’t need much. Just remember to apply it when your skin is still moist. It’ll go on quicker and lock in more moisture that way.
  • The after shave oil is a real treat. No more raw, stripped skin after shaving. Just a little of this essential oil and your skin feels repaired.

Brazen Recommendation: Lipidol Overnight Face Oil to supplement the skin’s natural oily layer, increase moisture retention and enhance overnight rejuvenation. Overnight is when the body heals itself, after all. PS. It’s $8.97.   The full range is now available in Canada, exclusively at Walmart. Try it, you’ll love it.

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