We asked, you answered. The Question: How do you use an everyday item—the pantyliner—in all different kinds of ways?

We were surprised, and tickled, by the number of fabulously original ideas our Brazen Insiders came up with, and how this humble strip of cotton paper can be used to make life easy. It was hard, but we chose to highlight just a few of the essential pantyliner life hacks you definitely need to try. For the full list, check out the comments in the original article.


Practical: They are great to stick to the bottom of flower vases. That way, they don’t scratch my table. ~ Amy

Genius: Stick one on each foot and clean your floors. ~ Vesper

Kitchen Goddess: Soak in water and then place in your microwave for 30 seconds on high. It will create steam and make crusted on food come off easily. Then you can use the pad to wipe clean. They also make great fridge magnets ahhaha and spoon rests ! ~ Jane

Menopause Relief: Wet one, freeze it and then put it around your neck to keep cool during those hot summer days or even wear it under a hat. ~ Elee

Amateur MD: They’re also good as wound compresses, if you don’t have a big enough bandage handy. ~ Alison

Foot Fetish: Use them inside your shoe if you don’t want to wear socks. They absorb the sweat! ~ Rebby

Hack Queen: I ran out of liners for my Swiffer and used two pads in its place. Worked better than I thought it would. ~ Gillian

Sleeping Beauty: Dampen it with cucumber water, freeze it then use it as an eye mask. Run a string through each end if you need to secure it for a sleep mask. ~ Tirzah

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