What do we love even more than getting down and dirty? Getting down and clean. Oh yes. Right now, we want to be out in the heat and stay feeling as fresh Life Hacks- 6 Brilliant Ways to Use a Pantyliner—Besides the Obviousand dry as possible—especially down there. And we’re doing that by wearing something that’s impossible to live without once you’ve tried them on for size. They’re Carefree Pantiliners and you can count on the fact that we’ve got one on 24/7. Because when you feel great, you can do just about anything. And we’ve got news.

As it turns out, wearing panty liners is not the only thing you can do with them. Believe it or not, we’ve found many ways to use these absorbent thin pads in so many aspects of our lives. (Yes, we are dead serious.) We know this, too: We’re not the only ones using our panty liners as everyday hacks. And so does Carefree.

To celebrate the launch of their brand new Twitter handle @carefree_ca, join them on a summertime winning-spree. The celebration will start with a super-fun Pantyliner Hack Twitter Party on July 23, 2015 (to RSVP and for more information, click here). Then, look for multiple opportunities to win even more prizes from July 27th-August 21st. Watch @Carefree_ca & follow the hashtag #CarefreeContest for more information on both. But we know you can’t wait, so check out OUR hacks and your chance to win one of 6 Stayfree Everyday Kits.

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1. FOOT IT: Panty liners make the best insoles! Just fold to size and shape to fit in the toe area of those shoes that are just a little too big or stretched out. Press down on the sticky bit to ensure they stay where you put them. Bonus: Even better than actual insoles, panty liners are cushiony, cottony soft and will absorb sweat and odours. Your feet have never been more comfortable.

2. SWIPE IT: All out of cosmetic cotton pads? Don’t worry! Just use a panty liner with your favourite makeup remover or toner. Your skin will love you.

3. DON’T SWEAT IT: Tend to perspire under your arms? Never fear, Carefree is here. Stick a panty liner into the armpits of your shirts during those sticky (or hot flash) moments and feel yourself cool down.

4. WORK IT: When it’s a day to work around the house, just tape a panty liner to each knee for makeshift knee pads. Gardening and home renos were never so comfortable.

5. CLEAN IT: Place your panty liner underneath pies or messy foods when transporting them or even when they’re in the fridge. Talk about absorbing leakage!

6. PROTECT IT: No more worrying about scratching your floors. Cut pantyliners to size and stick them to the bottom of chair legs and tables. Or, stick to the bottom of decor accessories to protect tables. Brilliant, right?

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