Does your skin feel like a desert? Is it only happy when drenched in the shower? No matter what time of year, mine just wants to guzzle water. Like by the gallon. Cue the home drugstore of creams and lotions in my bathroom. They all promise a fresh, radiant, healthy glow, but my skin is still thirsty. Dry. Parched. *Cough* Then I discovered what is now my secret skin weapon.

It’s the magic of face serum, a concentrated oil you use alone or beneath your moisturizer to feed your skin by giving it an extra boost of hydration. It’s like watering a plant. Necessary. A huge relief. And yet not all serums are created equal, it turns out. Some are wet, some are goopy, some are way too scented. Thankfully, I have found one that does the job and does it well. L'Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Serum

It’s called L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum and it’s the first product to utilize LBP-5 Complex™, a revolutionary compound derived from the superstar fruit Goji Berry, to address multiple skin concerns, while infusing dry, lackluster skin with a surge of moisture you can feel. All you need are just two small pumps for your whole face. I focused most on the areas that have fine lines developing – forehead, upper lip (anywhere you might try Botox, just sayin’). In seconds, you can feel the serum – which has a thick texture and a light, fruity scent – absorbing fast. Really fast. Yes, you can count on your skin to drink this stuff like it’s a teenager at her first party. After four weeks of morning and night use (layered beneath my moisturizer during the day), I have become a true believer in this serum. I see a more even skin tone, improved texture and resiliency and less noticeable lines. And most important, my skin is quenched and happy. Which makes me happy, and ready for Spring.

L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum is sold exclusively at ($138.00)

photo credit: Wet and Messy Photography via photopin cc

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