Glerups B-06Searching for a slipper you can wear indoors and out all year round? One that comes in slip-on style, shoe style and up-to-the-ankle bootie and never, ever makes your feet sweat or stink? Look no further because we found ’em for you. They’re called Glerups and since we got a pair, they pretty much live on our feet.

These light and easy slip-ons are not only incredibly comfortable but also breathable. They’re the only things we want as soon as we get in the house this winter.


Why are they so comfy?

Well, for starters, Glerups are made from the warmest 100% natural wool and feature an all-natural leather sole that actually bends when you walk. And this is not your usual itchy wool, thank you very much. Glerups are made from select wool that is washed in Glerup G-05soft water, made into socks and then felted with steam to mimic the shape of your foot. Not only will your feet stay fresh inside them, they can actually breathe. What we love most about our Glerups, though, is that they are not just for cold weather. These slippers are year-round amazing. Rain or shine, humid or cold, indoors or out, they are the perfect fit for every season.

Glerups come in three types and three sizes for women (and men and kids). The slipper model has all of the classic characteristics of a slip-on indoor shoe while the shoe model provides perfect comfort for colder floor surfaces, and won’t slip off. It’s our favourite for running errands nearby or walking the dog. Looking for an all-round insulator this winter? Try the boot style Glerups, which offer full foot coverGlerupsage all the way up to the ankle and are way more breathable than our Uggs.

For more info on Glerups, check out There’s a variety of models in vibrant, earthy colours, so have fun choosing the ones that suit your personal style.

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