I never thought it would happen to me. One second, I was out and about, taking my ability to walk for granted, and then BAM! I was down on the ice with a broken leg. It was the very first (mis)step in what would be a long, long road to recovery. Right now, you’ll find me at the starting line. The cast is finally off and after four months of no weight bearing, creating a plan to get back into fighting shape feels impossible. There’s no way around it: Recuperation takes work, and lots of it. Surviving being laid up for so long taught me so many lessons, but I’ve gotta admit I’m scared of what lies ahead. Will I ever get back to my fit self?

I know one thing for sure: I can’t do it alone. So thank goodness for a brand new app that’s literally helping me get back on my feet. Join LEAGUE: The Wellness App That'll Whip You Into ShapeIt turns out my phone (or tablet) is the key to my recuperation. On it, I’ve downloaded a free app called LEAGUE, a health and wellness matchmaker that is hooking me up with all the nearby health professionals I need to get moving again.

Now I’ve got my very own league of experts that will work together to heal me—right at my fingertips. It works like this: You set up a profile then scan the pros listed under each section—for me, that’s physiotherapist, personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach—and read the bios. Then just choose the ones you want to try, often by booking a free consultation. It’s that simple.

So what next? Booking a session with a physiotherapist. I looked at credentials first then took into account convenience. This pro’s location was a no-brainer: just six minutes from my front door. The relief I felt, hobbling into his office, was palpable. Of course, walking (albeit shakily) again after so long on crutches is a real feat (pun intended). And committing to a plan of appointments and daily exercises is a whole new level of torture. But LEAGUE does a lot of the work for you—automatically adding appointments to your calendar, allowing experts to share your file to stay updated on your progress, and letting you make appointments and payments through the app. Talk about making things so easy, there’s no room for excuses.

After undergoing a thorough examination, I learned a batch of exercises designed to strengthen my muscles so I can walk without the gait of an 80-year-old (nothing against 80-year-olds but I have another 30+ years to go before I walk like one), and every day, I’m doing them. And I can reach my expert at any time of day with LEAGUE’s secure, private messaging. So when amnesia sets in and I’m blanking on how many times to do the sit-to-stand exercise or how low to go in my squats, I just send a private text and the answer appears.

This app is my saviour at a time that I really need one and it’s also a lot of fun. Here I lie, taking the time to ice my leg while I’m getting to know the experts, reading their posts, even sharing a few of my own with the community. I’m also checking out profiles, trying to decide on my next pro, who will set me on the right nutritional track to strengthen my bones.

Hey, wait. This LEAGUE I’m in is something of a party. It’s kind of like another Facebook—but just for health and wellness, and specifically designed for me. How can I say no to that? You in? Next up: Nutritionist. I’ll keep you posted.

Take control! LEAGUE is a dedicated platform that puts members at the centre of their health and wellness journey. Sign up and you’ll get instant access to top preventative health professionals in your neighbourhood. League makes wellness easy with the convenience of mobile scheduling, payments and invoicing—all in one place.  Web: visit JoinLEAGUE.com Mobile: App Store and Google Play *Services currently available in Toronto. Launching soon in Vancouver, with more cities across North America to follow.   

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