Is your tissue box a fashion statement? Can it change your mood?

The answer is a resounding YES – especially when it’s been created with designer flair by none other than style-icon-of-the-people Isaac Mizrahi. This year, in celebration of 90 years of Kleenex, the brand is ringing in its birthday with bold, contemporary designs you’ll have to have. Consider your new Kleenex boxes a gift to you, and your home, from the designer himself.

Kleenex Brand Production Day With Isaac Mizrahi Isaac Mizrahi is synonymous for passion and break-through style, and he doesn’t disappoint with four unique box designs that were debuted in March. Now you can have your own little piece of Mizrahi style in your boudoir for under $3. And these are not boxes to be hidden under your granny’s crochet covers, that’s for sure. His is a bold, uplifting, and contemporary line that adds even more style and function to Kleenex’s infamous products.

We caught up with Mizrahi to ask why he wanted to create designs for Kleenex – something that could be considered a humble item unworthy of celeb attention. Like us, when the designer thinks of an iconic and venerable brand that makes the best product of its type in the world, he thinks Kleenex, inventor of the facial tissue.

I’m always looking to bring a fashion or style edge and to enable a woman, through something as simple as the choice of a tissue box, to embrace or express her personal style. 

His design philosophy: If women surround themselves with beautiful and bold things, the joy of them will be reflected in much happier lives.

How brazen is it to take Kleenex, a useful item we turn to again and again and imbue it with enough colour, pattern, and brightness to affect our moods? Isaac Mizrahi & Kleenex Partner up to Celebrate 90 Years of Tissue

The packaging is the real mood changer here – especially if you love to personalize rooms with attention to small details. No longer are the box patterns copied from home decor trends (*yawn*). Now, they are fresh off the runway, with all designs inspired by Mizrahi’s  Spring collections featuring exciting animal prints and his signature uber bright florals. The floral patterns are evocative of one of his favourite photos, a black and white flower that’s been colourized.

To Mizrahi, packaging is everything. Having lived in so many places, he’s learned how to personalize a space and imbue it with the feelings of home.

The minute you surround yourself with light colours and happy thoughts, you change. If you begin to strip away the dreary things with things that you like this new space becomes a happy place to live. 

And how could we argue with that?


Tune in as Mizrahi offers his latest style advice and shares his experience as a design leader on the Kleenex brand website. You can also watch an interactive timeline highlighting 90 years of Kleenex Brand Style and flip through some of Mizrahi’s favourite Kleenex Brand designs.

Priced at just $2.49, the new Kleenex box designs are available at mass marketers across Canada and the US. Happy Anniversary, Kleenex!

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