Ever heard of Text Neck? You’ve felt it, that’s for sure. It happens when you hunch over your smart phone all the time. Sound familiar? Before you know it, all that texting is giving you what we fondly call iPosture. And not only that. Too much slumping over devices is taking a toll on the rest of the body you work so hard to whip into shape. Specifically, it can create the ever-popular lower back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions that now account for one-third of missed work in Canada, second only to the common cold.

So how can we straighten up without giving up our beloved smart phones? ow to Cure Text Neck Caused By Your Smart Phone

Ironic as it may sound, there’s an app for that! The Canadian Chiropractic Association, in partnership with the 10 provincial chiropractic associations, has just launched the new, free Straighten Up Canada app to help the more than 11 million Canadians suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. Time to count yourself among them.

How does the iPosture App work? The Straighten Up Canada app provides users with 12 short exercise videos you can do in just three minutes a day. There’s also a tracking feature to monitor progress, a Know Your Back option to learn about common back-related problems and a search tool to locate a chiropractor near you.

Where can you find the app? It’s available for download through the Apple and Google Play store as well as on straightenupcanada.ca.

What else can you do for your posture? Straighten up with these tips that will help you wear heels and carry your purse without pain. And try these, too: a few key posture exercises you should be, well, exercising, to help you on your way to standing tall and gorgeous.


Keep these important tips in mind at all times to help you improve your posture and reduce lower back pain.

1. Stand tall. Roll your shoulders back and down.

2. Keep your spine in a neutral position maintaining the natural curvatures.

3. Brace the abdomen and pull your stomach in and up.

4. Keep your knees slightly bent.

5. If you are standing for prolonged periods, a good quality pair of shoes offering good support and stability can help.

6. Regardless of your posture, it is critical for you to keep moving whether sitting or standing.

INTERESTING FACT: Every inch of forward head posture increases the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds. That’s a lot of weight you can easily shed with just a little thought.  

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