Happy yet? Get your happy on! Don’t worry, be happy. Smile! What’s wrong? Everyone wants to be happy all the time. It’s like one of those OMG, gotta get it, gotta have it, gotta find it! kind of things. So, is happiness overrated? Is finding happy like finding Nemo? Hell, no! Because you’re not finding it, you’re making it happen

Let’s be honest, when the shortcuts to happiness – wine, sex, money, chocolate – are gone, we’re left with….ourselves. So how do we find happiness – the real, lasting kind?


Stop Waiting 

Happiness is not going to swoop down and envelop you, and you won’t find it by waiting, wondering, pining or looking. You’re going to create it – your way. How? Easy. Start by doing what you love to do, to eat, to make, and create! Get outside. Take photos, start that blog, or sign up for yoga. If you’ve been saying for a long time “you want to”, and haven’t, that’s your sign, and you should.

Shed the Guilt

Remember when you were young? I mean really young. A toddler. Carefree, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, and things were s-l-o-w-e-r???? Go here. Take things down a notch or two and coast it a bit – Guilt is not going to stop you and for this, you don’t even know the meaning of the word. Have you relaxed in your pi’s lately? Stayed in them ALL day? Do it! Treat yourself to that ice cream cone, too. Oh, and yes, and the boots….buy the boots!

Push Yourself

There’s no intrigue or staying power in doing the same things over again and again. Get your endorphins racing by stepping outside your box and try something new! It doesn’t have to be skydiving or weight-lifting (although it can!), just new. New can mean a lot of things, like experimenting with a recipe, a new restaurant, bowling, or even just another colour on the wall. Like it or not, in the end, anything that’s a change is going to give you a boost. Step up to plate ladies!

Create Chemistry

The “law of attraction” is powerful concept- especially when it comes to happiness. Ever notice that when you feel miserable, you attract it – and when you feel happy, it’s everywhere? What you put out into the world is more important than you think, and what you project you will also attract. When you’re feeling that happy spark, be aware of it, feel it, verbalize it, share it!!

Embrace Sadness

Although smiling feels better than crying, you can’t have one without the other. In fact, the misery of sadness makes us appreciate a happiness high.It also exists to help us get through something, and grow or learn from it. Sadness is not your enemy. It’s a normal albeit temporary part of everyday life and if you embrace it, and ease yourself through it, the light will reappear. It may help to have a tried-and-true go-to activity that’s always on hand for those low times. Exercise, doing for others, baking, cooking or music. )  What’s yours? Happiness is not something ready made         photo credit: thephotographymuse via photopin cc photo credit: Camdiluv ♥ via photopin cc

About the author

Lauren Millman

Lauren Millman is a Professional Certified Coach, Counsellor, Interventionist and Behaviourist, in private practice in Toronto. She writes for business organizations and e-magazines, and is a regularly featured expert on Rogers Daytime and CTV. Lauren is all about keeping it real, and thinking outside the box to help you get-your-happy-on. She's married with three kids, is a self-confessed coffee snob, and believes you can't own too many pairs of shoes.

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