As I sit down to write our How We Met story, it comes to me in a fairytale—one that stars me as the Bratty Princess just waiting for her Prince Charming to appear. Here is how it happened.

Once upon a time, there was a brat—with a Capital B—who just happened to be over 40. One day, she sent her niece to her spa in trendy part of town to get a spray tan. Seriously, now. There was no way she could send the girl home to Israel without making sure she at least looked as if she’d had lots of fun in the sun.

Now unbeknownst to the Brat, the spa owner had planned a sneaky ruse. She had called a lovely woman, telling her that she absolutely happen in at the same time that the Brat had booked the appointment. The bait? The spa owner told this woman that she had a sexy, smart woman who was just right for her handsome Montreal son. It was a match, even if the two had yet to meet.

Upon showing up at the spa in her signature Lululemon sweat pants, no make-up and tousled blond hair, the Brat was approached by this lovely lady who commented on her beautiful diamond sapphire ring and asked if she was married. The Brat quickly replied that she was single, prompting the lovely woman to ask if she had any interest in meeting her very dark, very handsome son.

Well, yes, the Brat replied. In fact, she said with sarcastic enthusiasm, why don’t I just accompany him on his next work visit to Las Vegas?

The lovely woman promptly called her son to deliver the amazing news. His search had ended! She had found him the perfect woman to marry. He responded with: Thanks Ma, but I can get my own dates. His mother continued to nag the poor man, unwilling to let the matter rest until finally, weeks later, he had no choice but to pick up the phone.

By now, the Brat had all but forgotten about the so-called chance meeting at the spa until one day she received a message from a gentleman and upon returning his call, she promptly asked him, How I can be of service to you?

You can meet me for coffee, he replied. How nervy, she thought. Assuming the man was a potential client, in desperate need of a mediator to help him navigate his divorce, she wondered which lawyer or judge had the nerve to send this creep her way. And so she asked. He replied that he did not have a lawyer. So she asked if he was self-represented, and again, he said no. She finally asked him how he got her number, and he explained. Through the spa, he said. The Brat retorted in her snarky brat-like manner: Oh, you mean through your Mother!

The Brat and Mr. Gentleman set up a time to meet but right before, he blew her off, claiming he was too tired from working all day. She said No Problem as she was already deep into texting ex-boyfriends to replace him for the night. Why should she suffer for his rudeness?

To his credit, he was gentemanly enough to call again later that evening and they ended up speaking for five hours straight. He was smitten with her knowledge of politics, wars and human psychology, but never once did he Google the Brat or admit to seeing her picture anywhere.

He came over at 11 pm, as the Brat had told him he was welcome to a second chance at coffee, but under no circumstances would she be making it for him. It was up to him to find a great quality cup—and no Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, thank you very much.

Mr. Gentlemen rode around town for one hour looking for just the right coffee shop that the Brat would approve of, and finally caved. He decided to test his luck yet again by showing up with a Tim’s cappuccino in hand. The rest is history. Or X-rated in any case.

The Brat and Mr. Handsome have been an item for one year and counting. So far, they have been seen together in Las Vegas at least a half dozen times. Due to be wed on June 18, 2017, they have both finally found their soulmates.

Lucky for the Brat, she also landed the best mother-in-law and sisters-in-law to boot.

The End (of the beginning, anyway). Chapter 2 awaits!


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