The night I was about to meet the love of my life, I was at a wedding of strangers. I had been invited as the date of one of the groomsmen, but it was no evening of romance. In fact, all night long, the guy did his best to ignore me. Clearly, this would be our last date.

He’d pretty much gone AWOL and so I found myself standing awkwardly on the edge of the dance floor, surveying the room. There, standing to my left, was another young woman standing alone. She was about my age and she was staring straight at me and grinning. It was as if we knew each other already, as if we shared a secret.

We fell into easy conversation over the loud music and she quickly asked if I was single. Turns out she had a brother to set me up with. I smiled but politely declined.How We Met Love Story: His Sister Found Me For Him I mean, what kind of girl agrees to go on a date while she’s on a date with someone else? And come to think of it, what kind of guy needs his sister to troll for him at weddings?

Fast forward two weeks to a subway platform in midtown Toronto. Frustrated that the train had been evacuated, I was pacing back and forth, when I looked up and there she was: the girl from the wedding. She was marching toward me, that same grin right there on her face. We said an amazed hello then re-entered the train together, reunited again by chance, and she wasted no time.

So? What happened with that guy from the wedding?

Oh, that was it for him, I told her. He disappeared right after that night. 

That was all she needed to hear. This time, she wasn’t letting me get away. She insisted on taking my number and made a point of scribbling it inside the flap of the book she was reading. Once home, she found her brother’s car in the driveway. It was a Friday, and he’d decided to come in for the weekend. Fancy that.

Presenting him with my phone number, she announced that she had found her brother his wife. When he said he was leaving the next day on a two-week business trip and would call me upon his return, she told him that would be too late. She was pretty sure I would be off the market then, and she told him so. Then she told him he had to call me that very day or she’d never help him find love again.

The threat worked. That night, Brian and I spoke for three hours straight about everything: our personalities, our passions, what we wanted out of life. He says that phone call changed everything. He decided that night that I was the woman for him. He just needed to meet me in person to clinch the deal.

How was I feeling? Curious, so very curious to meet this man that the stars had brought my way.

How We Met: His Sister Found Me For HimOn the day of our first date, I was on the subway again, sitting there minding my own business when I happened to look up. Believe it or not, sitting just across from me, there she was again. We just happened to have entered the same subway car at different stops. This time, it was impossible to ignore fate.

Like the best of girlfriends always do, Brian’s sister slipped me some inside info. She tipped me off about where we were headed that night. Our first date would be at a baseball game, she told me, so I’d know how to dress. (It was the first of many future wardrobe consults!). I learned later that she had given him some much needed fashion advice for our first date, too, and he did show up looking very cute.

Meeting Brian was my destiny. From the moment we heard each other’s voices, we have been inseparable partners, and our relationship from the start was intense and serious. Just four months later we were engaged, and we recently celebrated 25 years of love by renewing our vows in front of family and friends. There’s no question that he is my soulmate—and that his sister would be my maid of honour and then I would be hers. And that I had found in her a best friend for life.

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