You may have noticed them sitting pretty on the necks for your friends, and if you haven’t you will now. It’s called a Statement Necklace because it, well, makes a statement – and to elevate your style this season, it’s all you really need.

How to wear this year's statement necklace How convenient, not to mention beautiful. With just one accessory – in exuberant colours, mixed metals and/or unique cuts – you can maximize the range of your outfits, taking them seamlessly from day to night. Whether you’re wearing a white T and jeans, a leather skirt and silk blouse, or your favourite little black dress, you can incorporate that one great impact piece into your look. How? Read on for tips from sparkly and sophisticated Swarovski Canada.



How to wear a statement necklace

The Begin Necklace. Clear crystal with interchangeable pendant. Swarovski $340

Look for a statement piece that not only says something about you but also adds versatility to your wardrobe. For excample, the Begin Necklace from Swarovski features a pendant that can be interchanged from light to dark. This tiny feature will allow you to amplify the amount of outfits you can wear, from boyfriend jeans to a cocktail dress, in one small step. GO BOLD

How to wear a statement necklace

The Blossom Necklace. An array of colour. Swarovski $660

Don’t reach for the same old necklaces you already have. With this one, you want to step outside your comfort zone. Statement pieces are meant to be impactful so you should always go bold. To dress down your necklace, down wear a top or blazer where the collar lightly covers the necklace. This mutes the edges and creates a subtle look, blending it into the top rather then showcasing it as a stand alone piece. PLAY AROUND

How to wear a statement necklace

The Bonus Necklace. Geometric simplicity. Swarovski $340

Keep in mind that different necklines and patterns will change the look of your statement piece. For instance, a bare chest and shoulders or a solid colour outfit will make the necklace the focal point. On the other hand, a top or dress with a bold pattern or unique neckline needs to be paired with a statement piece with care. Generally, you need to consider the colour combination and how the lines of the necklace complement the lines in the fabric. Make sure you are blending – not contrasting – when you feel like wearing an outfit that is bold. STAY SIMPLE

How to wear a statement necklace

The Blacklight Choker. Adjustable choker with clear crystals. Swarovski $340

When you wear your statement necklace, keep all other accessories to a minimum. That means keeping your earrings small and your watches, bracelets and rings simple and light. Bottom line: You want to give that necklace the spotlight – all the attention it deserves. Featured Image: The Buzz Necklace, Swarovski $660

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