A white button down shirt is a staple in most closets – for men of course, but also for women, who have made the classic both trendy and versatile. Chances are, you have at least one, and it’s time to pull it out and wear it. Dress it up or dress it down and either way, this must-have piece is always in style. So here, we pay homage to the female white shirt by showing off five fabulous looks you may not have thought of sporting.

How to Wear a Classic White Shirt


I recently found the perfect holiday update from Ann Taylor, all dressed up with a gorgeous jewel encrusted collar. (You can grab another similar version at Banana Republic.) With the festive season right around the corner, it’s got just the right sparkly touch to turn what’s usually a day look into an evening one. white shirt


The white shirt is often worn as a work-ready day staple. But you have to plan how to soften the look in an outfit. Try a pencil skirt in a textured knit. Adding a big belt gives shape under a jacket or cardigan. white shirt 4   OUT ON THE TOWN

With the weather cooling down, a short-sleeve shirt or knit may not always be practical. Here, the white button down is underneath to create a layered look, perfect for a dinner or holiday party. white shirt 2   TRANSITION TIP

Do you put away your favourite sleeveless dresses after summer? A better idea: Wear your button down beneath one to transition outfits into winter. white shirt 3   DRESS IT DOWN

Keep in mind that basics, like your white shirt, never go out of style – but you can pump them up with the styles of the day. Try adding a plaid pant and textured cardigan to give your classic a twist. white shirt 1   LAYER IT UP

The white button down and jeans are American Sportswear basics. Here, I layer the look with a thin vest (a fashion blogger’s favourite!) and one of my every day blazers. white shirt 5

photo credit: Martha.butterflycaught via photopin cc

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Iva is a mother by day to one daughter and three sons. By night, she blogs to inspire other women that understand that fashion doesn’t end after marriage or children. Iva enjoys classic pieces with a strong cut and fit and knows that not every trend is a fit for everyone. Fashion doesn’t end at age 35.

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