They say age is just a number. Bull. I am about to turn 60 so I have been on a quest. But first: Holy sh#*t! How did this happen? I look at people my age and think, Do I look that old? Sixty is a milestone that is a helluva lot more than a number. I guesstimate that I will live to 85 and therefore have about 25 years left on earth.

And I’m not going to waste a minute of what I have left.

I’m going to fight this age thing ’til I drop dead. After age 40, things just happen to your body. Your butt starts to sag. You need to do squats. I hate squats, but I don’t want to feel like anyone is watching my butt wiggle and jiggle like Jell-O. I don’t want those bat wings. I want to be in the best shape of my life. My bones are strong and I go for check-ups. I’m golden and all set for my golden years (Whoever came up with that phrase should be shot, right?). And I know this: Now’s the time to take a boudoir photo of myself to prove how important it is to take care of yourself so you’ll still be sexy at 60.


Pit two trainers against each other. How to Turn Sixty (Holy Sh*t) and Stay Fit and SexyI have two trainers from different gyms (and if you don’t have a personal trainer, here’s why you should). They have different styles and make me do different things, which is key for confusing your muscles and seeing progress. Too many people at the gym do the same exercises over and over again and then wonder why nothing changes. The best part of two trainers is making sure they know you have two trainers. You know why? It mak

es them up their game with a little competition and I benefit by getting killer workouts. So I have been working out five times a week. Saturday and Sunday, I do two-hour workouts: one hour of cardio and an hour of training. Of course, I need a power nap in the afternoon before going out on a date. Oh, and because I’ve been saving on meals with all the dates, I have money to pay the trainers.

Remember that old age can make you injury prone. Most imHow to Turn Sixty (Holy Sh*t) and Stay Fit and Sexyportantly, if you want to follow in my footsteps, you need to foam roll and stretch. I am prone to injuries because like most of us, I think I’m 25 in my head. I had foot surgery in August that is going to take a year to heal. And I fight an autoimmune disease every day that impacts my muscles and tendons. Foam rolling and stretching has kept me injury free for the last eight months. It really does work.

Consider this: Chocolate is the devil. How to Turn Sixty (Holy Sh*t) and Stay Fit and SexyI’ve been watching my diet, too. The two-hour workouts are always finished with a green detox drink with added protein. I eat hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. I share the eggs with my dog, who is so happy I’m staying in shape. I eat salads I make at home for lunch, which saves me cash for training. And dinner is some kind of yummy vegetarian dish. I have one guy I am dating who likes to bring me Godiva chocolate. I may have to lose him because he’s negating my progress. (Just kidding. But seriously, chocolate is a huge weakness. And therefore, he’s the devil.)  

Believe that old age dating is fun. How to Turn Sixty (Holy Sh*t) and Stay Fit and SexyI have been a virtual dating machine, and I’ve lived to tell you that this online dating thing is great for meeting men. I’m very careful, though. I’ve had more dates at the age of 59 than I ever had when I was in my 20’s/30’s. Yes, dating at my age is a blast. And I’ve got some funny stories to tell my married girlfriends like the guy who brought me a salad instead of flowers. I’ve only met frogs so far, but maybe The Prince* is out there.

*ADDENDUM: Just when I was about to give up the online dating schtick and throw in the towel, a guy reached out. He was gorgeous. Was he for real? And he had picked me? So I threw caution to the wind and said YES. He looks just like he advertised and it’s been a fairy tale ever since. So for all you ladies my age who are sitting at home after getting divorced, wishing you had someone special, it’s time to get off your butts and do something about it. It won’t be easy. You’ll meet a lot of frogs. But you just might meet a prince like I did, and live to tell the tale. And stay tuned, because I’ll be telling it right here—very soon. How to Turn Sixty (Holy Sh*t) and Stay Fit and Sexy

Holly Pavlika is an award-winning creative marketing and social media veteran and SVP, Brand Strategy at Collective Bias where she oversees marketing, PR and social strategy. She’s also the founder of MOMentumNation, her blog on marketing to moms leveraging social media. 

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