It may be cold out there but it sure is bright. In fact, with all that sun reflecting off the snow, we’re in danger of squinting way too much. And you know what that means, wrinkle-wise. In case you’ve forgotten, you should be wearing sunglasses all year round. So which ones are hottest during this bright and snowy season? How do you choose the pair that’s just right for you?

As in any season, there are trends to follow. At the same time, shopping for shades that are good for wintertime means keeping special considerations in mind. That’s why we’ve got Michelle Lane, senior designer and stylist at on the line to help us out with style and function.


Fashion’s latest obsession with mid-century modern style is your ticket to the perfect sunglasses for winter. Whether you’re on the run or out for a walk with the dogs, UV protection is still a must against the low hanging winter sun. So choose your shades wisely and keep them handy.

Style 1: Transitions with Cat Eyes

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Zac Posen Fall Winter 2014/15

If you’re on the go, and you normally wear glasses or contacts, there’s no time to waste swapping eyewear every time you go inside. Opt for prescription transition lenses in frames that are well proportioned to your face—aka not too oversized—so they’ll suit you just as well indoors as they will out.

Transitions tend to have a geeky rep but they offer great health benefits and can be found in very fashionable styles. Choose prescription transition lenses that will fade to sunglasses when you need them to. The light from the winter sun isn’t as harsh as the summer months, but the comfort that sunglass lenses with a lighter tint or a gradual fade can provide will help you enjoy outdoor activities much more.

Too often, the lens choice is overlooked until late in the buying process, and that perfect frame you’ve fallen in love with just doesn’t work well with transition lenses. To avoid that heartbreak, choose a frame that looks great with both transition and regular lenses—such as the new, narrower cateye style.

High Fashion Find: The cateye’s thick acetate, 60s inspired shape has been spotted on the Winter 2015 runways of Zac Posen and Miu Miu and works well for both glasses and sunglasses.

Master the look with these picks from Choose from Love Sun Brown Tort, Derek Cardigan Sun Lavendar Brown and Derek Cardigan Sun Black.

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Love Sun L747 Brown Tort $49

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Derek Cardigan Sun 7039 Lavender Brown $89

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Derek Cardigan Sun 7019 Black $85

Style 2: Pair Contacts with Aviators

Choose Winter Sunglasses

Oscar de la Renta Fall Winter 2014/15

If you wear contact lenses or you have little or no prescription, try on a pair of sporty aviators and see what you think. With the oversized wire frame, large prescription sunglass lenses make the frame much heavier than it was designed to be, so the style works best for lighter prescriptions.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get playful. In fact, when it’s dreary out, we need a fashion pick-me-up more than ever. For the best of this season’s picks, check out designers like Oscar de la Renta and Custo Barcelona. They have reinvented the aviator for winter with oversized shapes and colourful mirrored lenses for a fun, nostalgic vibe you won’t be able to resist.

High Fashion Find: Designers like Oscar de la Renta and Custo Barcelona have reinvented the aviator for winter with mirrored lenses. Get into the winter spirit with lenses in a colour you might not otherwise choose to pump up your look.

Master the look with these picks from Choose from Touch By Alyssa Milano and Ray Ban Gold Mirror.

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Touch by Alyssa Milano 1005S Dark Gunmetal $89

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3025 112 69 Gold Mirror 58 $199

Style 3: Accessorize with Jewel Tones

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

It’s quite clear that this season is decidedly driven by jewel tones so why not add them to your accessory collection? Winter’s sequin embellishments and luxurious fabrics complement amethyst, emerald and sapphire eyewear tones. Flattering to all skin tones, the 70s inspired collection of frames is a large one this year. In it, you’re sure to find a colourful must-have for your winter wardrobe.

High Fashion Find: Phillip Lim’s Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection showcased winter shades in warm jewel tones and his patchwork inspired collection made its way down the runway.

Master the look with these picks from Choose from Evergreen Sun Purple Gradient and Ray-Ban Matte Blue.

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Evergreen Sun 6016 Purple Gradient $89

How to Choose Winter Sunglasses

Ray-Ban 2140 887 96 Matte Blue 50 $169

The Top Trends in Celeb-Inspired EyewearMichelle Lane’s early experience as a merchandiser in menswear fashion solidified her passion for styling and paved a path for her design career. As the principal designer and stylist for, Michelle ensures that Canadians are getting fashionable and affordable eyewear. She continues to seek design inspiration at global eyewear shows around the world including Milan, Hong Kong and New York. Glasses are like shoes,  you need a pair for every occasion.  

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