Do you consider your curvy body a blessing or a curse or maybe a bit of both? We say if you’re well-endowed in the upper half, that’s a good (nay, a glorious) thing. Or at least, it can be. That is, if you know how to stand up straight and make the most of your assets.

The Big Secret to Embracing Your Curvy BodyIt turns out Marilyn Monroe knew a lot more than we do about how to rock those curves. The secret? There’s actually a simple way to give “the girls” their due, and no, it’s not by strapping them down with a minimizer bra.

In fact, minimizer bras—those harnesses designed to shrink you down to size—don’t do much for your figure. To look your best, you have to Go Big or Go Home. That means you should be flaunting your size, not trying to hide it. At least that’s what the body experts at Melmira Bra & Swimsuits say.

It’s time to learn to love your curvy body. Full stop.


The Big Secret to Embracing Your Curvy BodyAccording to Wikipedia, minimizer bras are designed to de-emphasize the bust of large-breasted, ie, 34C+ women. By compressing and shaping the breasts, they apparently create the illusion of being a cup size or two smaller and make you more comfortable. Seriously, who’s writing this stuff? 34C? Big? Ha. And how can squashing your breasts flat (OUCH!) be anything but torture?

This we know for sure: A full bust line really is relative one’s perception of oneself. Think you’re too big and you’ll feel too big. Celebrate your size and suddenly, you’ll feel beautiful—all over.


What too many of us don’t realize is that we are not doing ourselves any favours by wearing a minimizer bra. Check this out: By de-emphasizing the bust, you are actually drawing attention to the rest of your body. Think about it. If you’re flattening your breasts, you’re making your bust line look wider and lower.

Do it and watch your your waist vanish while your frame suddenly appears broader, and – Marilyn would hate this – less shapely.


Although it may sound counterintuitive, you flatter your curves by balancing your frame, bust first. Choose your bra carefully – one that will show it off. Through the use of seams, side panels and lace, all of which help to lift and pull in the bust line, you lengthen the torso, accentuate the waist line, and improve posture.

What you’ve done now, rather than flattening the bust, is minimize your entire silhouette. In the process, you will find that you have also created the illusion of being a cup size or two smaller.

Yep, Marilyn would be proud.


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