How am I going to heat things up with my husband in just two words, you ask? It doesn’t take much. It’s very simple. And those two little words make all the difference. In an argument, someone’s gotta drop their end of the rope and since you can’t control what others do, it may as well be you. Wanna know how?

How To Heat Up Your Sex Life With Two Words

It’s the dreaded I’m sorry, and as painful as those words are to say sometimes, they’ve got hidden benefits you may not have thought of. They are two, powerful, little words that should be easy to utter, but we hate having to do so, especially if we’re the first one.

We all agree, conflict sucks. We women love being right (OK, so do men). But it’s not worth it.

Sometimes you have to forget about right and wrong in order to move on in your relationship. Sorry is hard to say, especially if you feel it’s undeserved, but it goes a long, long way, baby! You’re bigger than your ego, and you know it (Well, I know it, but you will, too – soon).

BrazenWoman.SorryIt’s especially hard to apologize to your partner when:

* you feel you’re right and that you’re giving in

* you feel like you’re relinquishing your right to speak your mind

* you’re so fuming mad and you really want to dig in your heels

* you feel strongly about your point of view and want to convince, convince, convince.

In fact, It’s a real action-reaction problem. The more right you feel, the less you want to give in. But if you’re considering saying those two little words, read on for some valuable benefits that come with them. Most importantly, saying sorry gets you to were the real action is – in more ways than one.

Say sorry first and reap these rewards:

*You get to be “the one” putting an end to the uncomfortable conflict – Yay, you! And as a result, you experience the feeling of doing good for the relationship.

*You realize apologizing for your part in the conflict is not always about being right.

*By letting both of you off the being-right hook, you create an atmosphere where you can actually talk about the issue – without the conflict sitting in the way

*You get to enjoy the best part of sorry – and that’s Make Up Sex. ‘Nuff said.

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

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Lauren Millman is a Professional Certified Coach, Counsellor, Interventionist and Behaviourist, in private practice in Toronto. She writes for business organizations and e-magazines, and is a regularly featured expert on Rogers Daytime and CTV. Lauren is all about keeping it real, and thinking outside the box to help you get-your-happy-on. She's married with three kids, is a self-confessed coffee snob, and believes you can't own too many pairs of shoes.

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