A keto diet may be hip and happening right now but Keto breath—the bad breath that can come with this diet—definitely is not. In fact, Keto breath is a reason to stay away. Literally. Unless that is, you can figure out how to avoid it.

How to Avoid Getting Keto Breath from the Keto DietKeto breath is an unpleasant side affect of the keto diet, which can often be described as a metallic taste or ‘nail polish remover’ type odour. Bleh. Why is it happening? Keto breath occurs because the body is beginning to use fat as energy, and ketones are being released through the breath and urine. It usually resolved once your body gets acclimated to using fat for energy. It is important to note that the odor is not actually coming from the ‘teeth and gums’ but rather the body itself.

How to Avoid Keto Breath

Some smart things you can do to avoid the dreaded Keto breath are:

1. Focus on good foods, that keep your breath fresh.

Fruit like strawberries and apples are great because the natural acid in the fruit helps lift stains on the enamel. Apples are also fibrous as well, therefore with the acid and mechanical break-up of the stain, apples are an excellent addition to your diet.

Coconut oil is also known to be a great teeth whitener as well.  Oil pulling with Coconut oil has been shown to lower plaque accumulation and staining.

High water-content veggies like carrots and celery are fibrous and moist so they help to wash away any staining debris from the teeth.

2. Lay off the protein intake. 

Too much protein can worsen the odour.

3. Practice good oral hygiene.

How to Avoid Getting Keto Breath from the Keto DietMake sure to make flossing, brushing and swigging mouthwash part of your regular routine. Leaving food trapped in your mouth aggravates the problem.

4. Try incorporating Dental Probiotics.

This little known breath freshener can work some magic in your mouth.

5. Select your mints carefully.

If you’re a mint-popper, be wise about which ones you choose. That means reading the label. The ones that contain zylitol have the added benefit of being good for your teeth too.

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged and whatever you do, don’t trash the keto diet. The side effect of bad breath really is just temporary and it means your body is doing what you want it to do, burn fat!

Dr. Sarah Jebreil is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist known for her ability to create beautiful smiles. 

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