It is finally that festive time of year and we couldn’t be happier. The stores are filled with all things Christmas, neighbours are turning on their twinkling lights and Santa is parading through cities. At home, we’re busy pulling out the Christmas decor to jazz up the tree, the house and just about anything we can get our hands on. But what’s this? The seasons haven’t been so kind to our ornaments. Suddenly, they’re not as vibrant as they once were. Their lustre is gone and we’re left wondering, When did my tree become that mediocre tree of yesteryear? When did I become my mother?

If you’ve ever found yourself in your favourite store, gaping longingly at a colourful tree on display and wishing it was yours, read on. Creating a bright, fantastic looking tree is a far simpler task than you think. You don’t need a degree in design or lessons from Martha Stewart to decorate your tree. Choosing the right coloured ornaments is all you need to pump up the the volume for your holiday tree.

Bright, vibrant theme trees and even theme homes are well within your grasp, especially in 2014, a year for hot new colours. Think shades of apple green, red, gold, blue, silver or even brights that bring back memories of candy stores and Dr. Seuss. Today’s tree is your tree with your personality. Forget the status quo and make your tree reflect your style.

Here’s how.


Canadian Tire has provided all the inspiration we need with their new Canvas line. Canvas is a series of home decor and ornaments grouped into a Holiday Palette, so whether you want to mix colours or just add a few new pieces to jazz up your collection, they’ve got all the hottest shades for this year’s festivities. Get set to fool everyone into thinking you’re a decorator and you actually knew what you were doing when putting up the tree this year.

So which colours will you choose?

Apple Green is this year’s colour of choice. It takes a traditional colour and punches it up, making it fun. Apple green, mixed with touches of burlap and a few other natural elements, creates a statement tree your friends will envy.

Christmas Tree Decor

Apple Green

Holiday Red is not just any ordinary red but a rich, gorgeous cranberry. Mix this colour with some vibrant teal for a luxe 2014 look and feel. (Yes, you could stick to the traditional reds mixed with greens and whites but that is so last year.)

Christmas Tree Decor

Holiday Red

Gold has always been a rich, elegant choice, a colour that has been around forever but is traditionally used as an accent. This season, let gold rule. Let it be the showpiece that makes everything else take a step back. Mix in some copper and maybe a few pine cones and you now have one bright, elegant tree.

Christmas Tree Decor

Elegant Gold

Blue is another hot colour this year but not your typical sapphire (although who doesn’t love sapphires?). Instead, think aquamarine, think “Frozen” but in a grownup frame of mind. Let go of the traditional and move into a more modern mindset.

Christmas Tree Decor

Aquamarine Blue

Silver is always a holiday favourite. This year, we’re passing on the harsh stainless steel shade in favour of a softer pearlized silver. A mix of pearl and feather and silver elevat this harsh metal into the soft feminine realm. This is a girlfriends’ tree, through and through.

Christmas Tree Decor

Silver Bells

Brights are always en vogue on a tree. They evoke that whimsical feel of living in a Christmas Gingerbread house. This look is not for the faint of heart but for the bold adult woman who still believes in the magic of Christmas.

Christmas Tree Decor

Holiday Bright

What is your Tree Personality? Are you ready to create a tree that really reflects your style?

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