While we hope you’re heating up the sheets with your special someone on a regular basis, on Valentine’s Day, your chances of getting lucky are high. Unfortunately for one of us, V-Day takes place smack in mid-winter, just when we’ve been taking a nice, long hair removal sabbatical. Getting ready for the big night? Need a quick strip but dreading the process? Here’s how you can get your ideal bikini wax without getting tortured.

CHOOSE YOUR STYLE First things first. How much should come off? Take your pick: There are three main types of bikini waxes and they come in various levels of pain. (Yes, we know. Beauty takes work.)

Let us demonstrate: Tips for Your Best Bikini Wax: Bikini Wax Styles Bikini line: With just a few ouches, you can tidy up all of the areas your panties don’t hide.

Sexy bikini: Bite your tongue just a little longer, and you’ll be halfway bare – save for a little left underneath, and of course, a sweet little soul patch (sometimes called a landing strip) on top. For a fun Valentine’s Day twist, why not try a heart or arrow, just this once?

Brazilian Bikini: Hold your breath as long as you can and you’ll end up smooth and bare with nary a hair in sight.

PREP YOUR SKIN The key to pain reducing is preparing your skin for the waxing process. You don’t need lotions, gels or oils pre-wax as they may actually hinder hair removal (thereby increasing pain). Instead, take a warm shower before your appointment to help open the pores. Next, use Skin Perfecting Body Scrub ($30) from Fuzz Wax Bar and  Canadian skin care company Consonant Skincare to help smooth your skin in advance of your wax. This unique high-performance scrub was specifically designed to prepare your skin for your bikini wax. It helps to prevent ingrown hairs and effectively exfoliates dead skin cells using two different ‘grains’ – sugar and salt. Formulated with moisturizing glycerin as its base, it improves the adherence of the grains to the skin.

TAKE CARE You may be all styled, but after your wax, your job isn’t done. After you hobble out (head held high!), steer clear of prolonged exposure to heat for a couple of days. No saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, sunbathing or high impact exercise for you – or you risk burning your freshly waxed skin. Remember to use post-wax lotions and to continue to exfoliate. That way, you’ll keep your Valentine’s Day wax feeling soft and smooth right through February and into March.

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Consonant Skin Care Skin Perfecting Body Scrub

WaxConsonant Skin Care Skin Perfecting Body Scrub


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