Why is it that when you finally pay off the last renovation to your home, something else falls apart? Owning a house is expensive business, I tell you. Take my house for instance. First the kitchen appliances up and died, then a horrific leak destroyed a wall, then the front stone steps literally started crumbling beneath our feet. And then, just when we thought we were in the clear, it was time for a new roof.

Home Save: How You Can Get Free Solar Panels TodayOwning a house may be an investment, but knowing that doesn’t help my bank account balance today. So I’m considering a money-saving tactic that I didn’t know existed, even though it just happens to be sitting there right above my head. I’m considering having solar panels installed in the most unused asset of my house: the roof. And I’m doing it at no cost.

Yes, that’s right. If you’re an Ontario homeowner, you can go solar right now at no cost. And I’m guessing that just like me, you had no idea this opportunity was available—until now.

It’s not just you. Most Ontarians have no clue that they are eligible for solar panel installation in their roof. They may know going solar can be profitable—it’s a great home efficiency upgrade, protects the life of your roof, reduces your carbon footprint and improves property value—but that doesn’t mean they are prepared to spend the cash. And with all the crazy costs associated with owning a home, who can blame them? Well, now they (and you!) don’t have to.

Welcome to Ontario’s microFIT program. For a limited time, Ontario residents have the unique opportunity to get a no cost solar installation home assessment with Grasshopper Solar’s Guaranteed Funding Program. This amazing program offers up to $30,000 to homeowners towards owning a new solar panel system. Got a qualified roof? Then you’re eligible. Grasshopper Solar will swoop in and take care of the full cost of installing a solar panel system—from design to connection, including insurance, warranty, maintenance and after care. 

Home Save: How You Can Get Free Solar Panels TodayWow, right? Your home is your most profitable investment so why not let it earn you some money instead of sucking you dry?

To get your solar panel installation, read on. Here’s how Ontario’s microFit Program works:

*Ontario’s microFIT Program is part of the largest clean energy programs in North America. It was launched in October 2009 to increase the amount of renewable energy produced in the province.

*Under the Guaranteed Funding Program, qualified homeowners can participate in Ontario’s microFIT Program and have Grasshopper finance the entire solar panel system from design to connection and finally to ownership by the end of the lease, including insurance and maintenance of the LG Electronics panels.

*Power produced by the solar system is bought by the government at guaranteed rates over a 20-year term. The income pays for the system and its operating costs.

*Under microFIT, homeowners who go solar save money. They are currently guaranteed a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kWh for 20 years from the province, earning them up to $3,600 per year based on annual solar production of 12,500 kWh. At the end of the term you select, the solar system as well as 100% of the revenue generated is yours.

*There are so many great reasons to add solar panels to your roof. They support the health of the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, they protect your roof, extending its life in the face of harsh weather, and they are a sound investment, rewarding you financially as you help to offset power needs.

Applications to this amazing program will be accepted until December 28, 2017, but with nearly half of the capacity already gone, spots are expected to be filled by November. To see if your property qualifies for Grasshopper Solar’s Guaranteed Funding Program, please visit this link

Note: This post was generously sponsored by Grasshopper Solar. All opinions are our own. 

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