With the holidays almost here, you’re probably hard at work getting your gift list ready and checking it twice. Well, here at BrazenWoman, we don’t want you to forget to buy for anyone. So we have compiled a list of budget-friendly wines that are the perfect thank you gifts for all the helpers in your life – who do so much but sometimes go unnoticed.

YOUR NEIGHBOUR IMG_4329The dependable woman next door who gathers your mail when you’re out of town deserves some seasonal love. The Californian Dreaming Tree Duo Gift Pack is a cool collaboration between musician Dave Mathews and Sonoma winemaker Steve Reeder. The pairing of the Everyday White and Crush Red has something for everyone. While the zesty Everyday White has a fruity, floral aroma like your neighbour’s garden, the Crush Red is smoky with rich berry flavours that may remind you of that pot of jam she once left at your door. An added touch: The corks have Dave Mathews lyrics printed on them!   holiday wine gifts

YOUR ESTHETICIAN The lady who helps you maintain your Brazilian wax needs a thank you, too. She is sure to appreciate a sensory trip to California with the 2011 Cupcake Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. The warm, toasty, and spicy flavours of this wine are sinfully divine, much like a chocolate raspberry cupcake fresh from the oven. Yum.

YOUR DOORMAN  Don’t forget the concierge who lets you into the building instead of making you dig through your purse to find your pass. Add a bit of sparkle to his life with the Spumante Bambino Peach. Sipping this treat is much like biting into a juicy ripe peach. Given the sweet price point, it’s easy to bring in a case and distribute it to all members of the concierge team. From now on, no matter what time you wander in or need an extra parking spot booked, you’ll be covered.   holiday wine gifts

YOUR TRAINER  For all those buckets of sweat he worked off you, your trainer deserves something special. The 2013 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, aka the Vintage of a Lifetime, will keep him keeping you looking (and feeling) your best for the rest of your life! And the hints of pineapple and grapefruit will remind him to remind you to eat that nutritious breakfast before your next workout.

YOUR FAVOURITE AUNT holiday wine giftsYour well-travelled Chatty Cathy aunt keeps you entertained and needs some fun in return. Show up at her door with a bottle of 2010 Buried Hope Tempranillo. Be sure to clear your schedule for the rest of the night, though, because you will want to unwind with a glass of this bold and feisty red wine, with its savoury character and lingering finish, too.

YOUR BFF holiday wine gifts It’s time to thank the girlfriend you don’t see nearly enough who can be trusted to keep your sordid secrets under wraps. Swing a fine bottle of Hill Smith Estate 2010 Chardonnay her way and be sure to accompany it with some cheese and meats. This Australian wine is light, oaky and refreshing, making it ideal for a girls catch-up session.

holiday wine giftsYOUR COLLEAGUE She puts in long hours at work right alongside you, helping to polish off Chinese take-out while discussing the latest projects. Imagine her surprise when you present the 2012 Stoneleigh Pinot Noir. This smooth Kiwi with hints of oaky spices is as down to earth as she is.

YOUR HOSTESS Since you’re so fabulous, you’re bound to be invited to many a holiday soiree this season so here’s a fabulous hostess gift. Grab a full bottle or the easily transportable 200 ml 3-pack of Prosecco Zonin to tote along with you. This versatile floral Italian bubbly will turn heads whether you serve it neat or use it to mix up a cocktail.Top it up with cranberry juice and Triple Sec or a pour of passion fruit juice for a delicious holiday CHEERS to all. photo credit: bourgeoisbee via photopin cc

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World traveller, wine guzzler and cocktail shaker; always on the prowl for new adventures in the concrete world, all with a baby on the hip. Having recently swapped marketing alcoholic beverages for juggling martinis and diapers at home, Yashy's got a drink for every occasion. You can find her lusting after the next travel opportunity and sharing food and drink recommendations alongside kid friendly events happening in Toronto on her blog as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

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