Many Christmases ago, feeling blah and slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of my holiday decor, I decided to do an extreme clean out. Out went the tired and dated and in came the gold, silver, pearl and bronze. Now, I choose one of these metallics and couple it with a fun colour like chartreuse or turquoise and all of a sudden, I’ve got a beautiful holiday decorating theme. To boost the holiday cheer around your house, try these tried and true decorating ideas.

holiday ornaments and decoration Tip #1 – STOCK UP Every time you see different coloured metallic balls, ribbon and picks on sale at the end of the season, buy them. You may be done decorating for this year, but eventually, you will have a fantastic supply of gold, silver, pearl and bronze pieces that can be added to your decor. It may take a few years to create a worthy stash but you will get there.

Tip #2 – PICK A THEME Decide on a colour scheme. A good starter is one metallic plus one or two coordinating colours, such as silver, chartreuse and turquoise. Keep this theme continuous throughout your home or at least on the main floor.That’s how you’ll create a clean, uniform look and eliminate what I call “Christmas Chaos”. Remember, you don’t have to put every shiny bauble on display. If it doesn’t fit this season’s theme, tuck it away for another year.

Tip #3 – EXTERIOR FIRST Start on the outside of your house first, using unbreakable plastic ornaments. Place an urn on your front porch and a wreath or swag on the front door to welcome guests and make a warm first impression. You can buy a pre-made display or make one yourself.  If you buy, some of your own picks will personalize it.

Tip #4 – REMEMBER ROOMS Add some holiday cheer to each and every room, including the entrance, kitchen and powder rooms. In the foyer, welcome your guests with an evergreen garland or a row of small potted trees on the hall table. Then, fancy them up with some sparkly bits and bobs.  A silver bowl with pomegranates and a few sprigs of evergreen are perfect for the kitchen, and with no yearly storage required, a great idea for condos or other small spaces. A decorative scented candle and a seasonal amaryllis will give your powder room the perfect holiday touch.

Tip #5 – ADD SOME NATURAL ELEMENTS Don’t be afraid to throw in some natural elements such as evergreen branches, pine cones, shelled nuts and birch branches. They add scent and will help everything feel a little less precious and bring down the glitz and glam of the season. OK, are you ready? Go forth and decorate!

photo credit: Mr. T in DC via photopin cc      

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Lisa Goulet

Lisa is an Ottawa based certified interior decorator, who’s married with four children and who also runs her own interior decorating company. In her spare time she blogs, tweets, pins and instagrams to stay connected with clients, peers and others in the design field. Follow her along as she decorates and renovates any room she can get her hands on, sharing some great advice along the way.

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