High heels put us women in a serious conundrum. We all want to show off our legs now and then, and what better way to do it than in a stunning pair of shoes? But there’s no getting around the fact that sometimes, high heels hurt my feet. Badly.

High Heels: How to Wear Them Proudly Without Destroying Your FeetPersonally, I save my highest heels for the most special occasions. While I don’t wear them as much as I would like, I feel my finest in them. They emphasize my calves and make my legs look long and lean. What could be better? Still, looking fantastic in fashion forward footwear comes at a price, so you need to learn how to get the most out your heels before you slip them on.

Here are some little known medical facts:

  • High heels exaggerate the arch in your foot, creating inflammation and pain when you step down.
  • The higher the heel, the more body weight is placed on your toes, which can cause callouses and pain in the forefoot.
  • Wearing heels causes a change in your line of gravity. The higher the heel, the more it throws your body forward. To counterbalance that effect, you may pull your shoulders back, and overemphasize the natural spinal curve, causing lower back pain.
  • The higher the heel, the more likely you are to twist/sprain an ankle.

The good news is you can avoid these potential pitfalls by trying these techniques. They will help your feet feel as lovely as they look in their heels.


Schedule Heels

The best time to wear high heels is when you don’t have to wear them for too long, or when you know you’ll spend most of your time sitting instead of dancing. I save my 4-inch platform Louboutin peep-toes for short events, when I can rock them without hating them.

Take a Breather

When you are sitting at a table, and your feet go unnoticed, take the opportunity to slip off your heels. The time out of them helps. When barefoot, do some simple stretching exercises, like rolling your ankles, or flexing/extending your foot. Don’t forget to wiggle your toes to increase circulation.

Bring Backup

In your clutch, bring along bandages for possible blisters, and if you can fit them in, don’t forget a cute pair of foldable ballet flats for when your feet wave the white flag. You can also try placing a cushioning pad into the front of the shoe to pad the balls of your feet when you walk.

Get Comfy

After some hours in your gorgeous heels, your feet deserve a break. The next day, go barefoot around the house or wear your comfy slippers or flats to rest your muscles. You can also treat your feet to an Epsom salt bath to draw out excess fluid. And don’t forget to ask your partner for that foot massage he’s been promising. Sore feet from your sexy heels is the perfect excuse for a little extra love.


About the author

Dr. Michelle Berg

I am a Chiropractor working and living in the Richmond Hill area. I have been in practice for over 15 years, with a special interest in female and family care. I am a huge bookworm, love baking, do cross-stitch in my spare time, play Maj with a group of like-minded women 35+, and have just started to actually enjoy working out :)

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