Holidays can be hard, especially when you’re single. You’ve just survived Christmas and New Year’s and now, out of nowhere, it’s February and you’re bracing for another kick in the pants with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Just how do you get through 24 hours of February 14th PDA without someone to share it with? I can’t forget last New Year’s Eve. I was in the drugstore, and if being dateless on that night wasn’t bad enough, there I stood, all alone in an aisle of shelves stocked with heart-shaped boxes – already. It wasn’t pretty.

This year, I’m actually planning to be alone on Valentine’s Day. No more getting caught off guard. Instead of scanning online dating sites for my Mr. February 14th or holding back from throwing a brick at the TV every time another jewelry commercial flashes on, I’m making a date with myself for that much needed me time I deserve. Here are three easy ways to make sure you enjoy your Valentine’s Day, single.

Get Pretty All me-time should start with the beauty basics. Do yourself a favour and head to the hair salon. Even if you don’t need a new do, few things in this world make a woman feel better than salon-dried hair. No more bedhead on Valentine’s Day morning for you. Next, go get that pedicure you’ve waited way too long for. Soaking your tired feet is one heck of a stress reliever and who would turn away a good foot massage? Freshly painted toes with a cute accent are serious mood boosters.

Go Shopping Want a jewelry pick-me-up but feeling tapped out from the holidays? You don’t need a man to add a little sparkle to your life and you don’t need to break the bank either. There’s gorgeous costume stuff everywhere, even at your local drugstore (sshhh, we won’t tell). While you’re out, don’t forget to buy yourself a box of chocolates and don’t forget a bottle of something bubbly for later.

Treat Yourself While just about everyone you know is out at a loud overcrowded restaurant eating over-priced dinner, you can take this opportunity to indulge without guilt. Order in your favourite meal (Calories? Bah!) and splurge on dessert. Order the movie you’ve been dying to see but never got around to the theatre for (Wolverine or Thor anyone?). Put your feet on a pillow and admire your toes, enjoy dinner and hit play. This night’s for you, so take advantage of the hours alone. You don’t need Mr. February 14th to show you how awesome you are. You already know.

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