DO: STRIKE A POSE Boudoir Photography: Take Your Own Sexy Pictures at Home

Certain poses work better than others in a boudoir setting. You always want to make sure to show off the body in the most flattering way possible. Knowing if you have a great pose is simple. Just ask: do you look as good as or better than you do in real life? If yes, then success! Finding the perfect pose may take some practice, so try out some poses in the mirror beforehand. Ask your partner to guide your movements, playing around with angles and shadows and be sure they take tons of snaps. Digital cameras allow users to see results instantaneously, making it easy to see which poses work, while deleting any failed attempts.  


Have some fun with outfit changes and props. Because hey, who doesn’t love playing dress up? Expect to wear between two and five different outfits during a shoot. Each of them should be a little different, showing various aspects of your personality, yet still working together as a cohesive collection. For instance, you can wear your partner’s favourite sports jersey or rock an edgy leather jacket. And why not incorporate some small props throughout the shoot? Just lay off larger ones that distract from the subject. Props like a feather boa are fun, while pieces like meaningful jewellery or a wedding veil add a sentimental element.


Ensure the location of the shoot allows for plenty of natural light. The most flattering shots are the ones where the subject looks like themselves, only better. Different light will produce different looks, so try shooting throughout the day as the illumination and shadows will vary. If you want to invest in a professional lighting option, the Westcott Icelight ($499.99) is a battery- powered LED “magic wand” will let you create soft, even and flattering light almost anywhere.

DO: SNAP THE BOUDOIR SELFIE Boudoir Photography: Take Your Own Sexy Pictures at Home

Here’s a twist. If you can’t manage to get your partner behind the camera, or want to surprise him, you can attempt the boudoir selfie. Set up a tripod, or use a selfie stick with a smart phone to capture shots solo. A camera’s remote control allows you to take multiple shots without having to run back and forth to reset the self-timer, while a selfie stick, like the Fotopro Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($49.99) gives extra reach with Bluetooth capabilities.


Be careful not to overdo the boudoir décor. A simple backdrop—such as a white, grey or black wall—is ideal. Not all boudoir shoots need to take place in the bedroom. Scout other locations that could be fun to shoot, but remember to keep lighting in mind. If you do go for a bedroom shoot, white bed sheets or duvet will also help to make the subject stand out. To create a beautiful backdrop anywhere, the Cameron Backdrop Support System ($149.99) is lightweight, collapsible and easy to carry. Studio quality photos are easy to achieve with this simple tool that eliminates distracting décor.

DON’T: FORCE IT Boudoir Photography: Take Your Own Sexy Pictures at Home

To avoid having photos look forced, take a few minutes to relax before getting started. When a subject is uncomfortable, it shows on her face in in her body language. Pour some wine, light a scented candle and apply a favourite perfume or lotion. If your partner is behind the lens, have him recount funny memories you’ve shared together. Laughter is a great tool to help you get loosened up. Remember this is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity for both participants, so don’t take things too seriously.


Ensure you’re capturing your best angles and hiding areas that make you self-conscious with a great wardrobe.  Hate your stomach? A corset is key. Worried about your chest sagging? A supportive bra is amazing. Wear items that help exude confidence and take some time to primp prior to the shoot. Don’t forget to find out what is most attractive to your partner. Don’t assume you know what he likes. Sometimes the simplest movements can be the most sexy. Boudoir Photography: Take Your Own Sexy Pictures at HomeAnother way to make certain the most flattering angles are being captured is with the Westcott Eyelighter ($329.99), a high quality light reflector to be used when taking photos with a flash. Position this tool below the subject’s face to help fill shadows and create a gorgeous semi-circular “catch light” in the eyes. It’s the perfect finishing touch.


Print photos and compile them in a beautiful album, something worthy of the goodies inside. If storing images on a computer, make sure they are saved in a secure place. If keeping photos on a smart phone, ensure they are password protected and be wary of iCloud to ensure nothing gets leaked à la Jennifer Lawrence.

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