We’re over pumpkins, rotten limbs and petrified faces of zombies. This year, we’re rocking on the eternal beauty of the undead. You know, hanging out with the Vampires among us. Why? Hmmmm, let’s see. Who wouldn’t want to live forever and remain forever young? And hey, even though they prey on humans, vampires are about as sexy as it gets.

We have three favourite vampire series that you can currently catch on TV or your favourite streaming service. Public Service Announcement: You may want to binge these with the lights on.

3 Vampire Series to Help You Get Spooky

The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diaries

What it’s about

Centuries old vampire brothers face off as the older brother, Damon, seeks revenge on his younger sibling, Stephan, for turning him into a vampire against his will. Oh, and then he tries to steal his girlfriend. Oh, beautiful brotherly love.

Why we love it

Two words. Ian Somerhalder. He plays the mysterious and viscous Damon Salvatore with perfect wicked glee and a twinkle in his mesmerizing blue eyes. Over the past 8 seasons, the characters have matured from their teen angst years to grown ups who try to manage life, family and friends while navigating a supernatural world of vampires, werewolves, witches and all things that go bump in the night. If the season premiere is any indication, then this final season will be on HELL of a ride.

What the stars told us

Michael Malarkey (Enzo) had this to say:

  • On his character this season: I want him to end up happy. I want everybody to be happy. 
  • On the big bad this season known as Evil Herself: A force we have never experience before. A force of pure evil.
  • On the end of the series: There are 8 seasons worth of baggage that the all the characters have with each other. There are things that can’t be unsaid. It’s either going to be a happy ending or a bittersweet ending.

Candice King (Caroline) had this to say:

  • On her character this up coming season: I hope she is tested, morally, and comes out on top and shows strength and humility. It’s a very dark season.
  • On what fans can expect this season: I’m excited for (viewers) to get goosebumps. And I’m excited for them to see how dark Enzo and Damon have gone.

The Originals

the originals

What it’s about

As the title suggests, The Originals are the original vampires, as in the first family from which all other vampires were sired. This Vampire Diaries spin off sees the original family return to New Orleans where they once ruled only to find that one of their proteges has taken control. And they want home back.

Why we love it

The Originals is like the older, more sophisticated version of The Vampire Diaries. The characters are more complex and the stories feel more thought out and deep. The Originals are not nice people—and that is what is intriguing. At their core, the Mikaelsen family is just as happy ripping out a person’s throat as they are at defending their favourite human friends. Yet, we can’t help but cheer for them, even when they make questionable choices in the name of family loyalty.

What the stars told us

Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) had this to say:

  • On the unwavering family family devotion of the Mikaelsons: They have to believe it. They’ve spent a thousand years fighting for that and justifying the most terrible atrocities because of family. And ultimately, it will be their downfall.

Van Helsing

van helsing

What it’s about

A new spin on the centuries old tale of vampires, Van Helsing has traditionally been a man. Not anymore. VANessa Helsing (see what they did there?) wakens from a coma  to discover that the apocalypse is vampire related. And she is humanity’s only hope.

Why we love it

Van Helsing has a similar feel to The Walking Dead and we just can’t get enough of humanity being threatened by supernatural beings, in this case of the blood sucking variety. In a shocking twist, when Vanessa bites a vampire, the become human. Wait…WHAT?!? AND this show has just been renewed for Season 2.

What the stars told us

Jonathan Scarfe (Axel Miller) had this to say:

  • On how he would do in during an apocalypse: You super duper want to find me. I lived two years off the grid on a 30-year-old sailboat that was breaking all the time. My wife and I were forced to learn. You become an expert in all kinds of things.

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