If there’s one thing we love more than buying ourselves a gift, it’s buying for someone we love. It’s just so satisfying to nail gift-giving: to find that one item that’s practically screaming, Pick me! I’m the one! Kind of like discovering your wedding dress, you know it’s perfect the moment you see it. Problem is, time is tight these days, and we’ve all become more discerning. Who has hours to embark on the search for that one great gift then spend more time figuring out how and when to deliver it? We can barely squeeze in a proper fashion fall shop as it is.

So it’s no surprise that the other Brazen Editor’s impending birthday was stressing me out. What was I going to buy her and more importantly, when was I going to find the time? I couldn’t exactly pretend I’d forgotten. After all, she had reminded me about 100 times, blogged all about it right here on our website and even shared all her favourite things in a post. Giftagram App: Send the Perfect Gift Straight from Your Screen

Shopping for Mara is a challenge. Not only does she have particular tastes, but we live an hour apart, so we don’t get to see each other that often. And then there’s me. With her special day clearly marked on my calendar, I had no excuse for waiting until the night before to start thinking about her gift. But alas, there I was.

I guess I could have set my alarm and spent the next day sweating through store after store before driving all afternoon in a panic to deliver the goods on time. But that wasn’t happening. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t love my friend, but gone are the days when I can lose a precious workday to the mall.

Then hope arrived—in the form of a free mobile app called Giftagram. This app rescues you from gift shopping stress, making it so simple to buy a special something that before you know it, you’re hopelessly hooked on being generous.

Seconds later, the app was downloaded on my phone, and presto: I was browsing an ever-evolving curated selection of experiences and products from premium local retailers and international brands, which can be shipped straight to the recipient’s door, anywhere in Canada. I didn’t even need to know her address, just her cell number (or email address), and she’d be notified that her prezzie was on the way.

My biggest problem now became what to choose. Should I send a box of baked macarons? A monthly subscription of fun socks? A funky new bracelet? Then there it was: A framed black and white poster celebrating her number one love, Coffee. In one swift, aha moment, I tapped the product image, and let Giftagram take over. All she would have to do is enter her delivery address and wait for that gift-wrapped box.

Oh, and send me a thank you note—with a delighted emoji, of course.

Giftagram App: Send the Perfect Gift Straight from Your Screen

THE WINNER! But First, Coffee Art Print ($39)

How Giftagram Works

In three easy steps, Giftagram makes gift giving as simple as sending a text message. Here’s how. Giftagram App: Send the Perfect Gift Right from Your Screen 1. Pick A Fabulous Gift Browse a curated list of best-in-class products from local and international retailers. Just scroll and choose. 2. Select a Lucky Recipient When you sign up, your phone’s contact list will sync with Giftagram. Just choose an existing contact or input your recipient’s mobile number or email address, add a personalized message, and click send. 3. Hit Send After you hit send, Giftagram does the rest: notifies of the gift, asks for the preferred shipping address, wraps and delivers nationally within 3-5 business days. 7 Smart Ways to Use Giftagram Giftagram App: Send the Perfect Gift Right from Your Screen

  • Keep checking the app because there are up to 50 new gifts added to its selection every week.
  • Send gifts anywhere in Canada, even to remote locations, no matter how small a town’s population.
  • Use the app for last-minute gifts, especially when retailers are closed (Hello, December 25!).
  • Remember that sending a text message or email notification from Giftagram on the day of a celebration is a great substitute for turning up with a gift.
  • Plan ahead by sending gifts one week before the occasion.
  • Use the app not just for birthdays but to send “just because” gifts: “thinking of you” to a friend who moved away, “congrats” gift to a graduate, “thank you” to your concierge.
  • Instead of a product, consider sending services, local experiences, or give subscriptions that arrive every month.

Want $10 off your first order? Use BRAZENWOMAN at checkout. You’ll see that giving gifts with Giftagram is contagious.  Download the App for iPhone and iPad Don’t like mobile? Browse Online Need tips? Visit the Giftagram Blog Android app coming November 2015. Watch for the announcement on Instagram.

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