The holidays bring stress for everyone, making it easy to forget the one person who is there for you year-round: your partner. This year, we are making twelve days special, with each one dedicated to the one we love most. No matter when you decide to start this new ritual—at the beginning of December, twelve days before Christmas, or twelve days starting on Christmas Eve—be sure to give it your all so you don’t lose that romantic connection you have. Some of these activities may be super short, while others may be dedicated to the entire day. Mix it around so the longer ones can fall on a weekend or once your Christmas vacation begins. And don’t forget to whisper to your lover about this article from Brazen Woman, so he or she also has something to look forward to.

As it is with all of my suggestions, some may take a little extra planning, while others may be considered super corny. Feel free to substitute your own ideas. After all, it’s only you who truly knows how your partner would want to spend their twelve romantic days with you.

12 Days of Christmas for Lovers

Day 1: We’ve all heard the song Santa Baby. It’s probably one of the few sexy Christmas songs out there. Get yourself some sexy Christmas lingerie and prepare a lap dance for your lover. The song is perfectly lined up for a number of actions you can take. The biggest one being, “hurry down the chimney tonight”. If my counting is correct, it comes up eight times. Come up with one or two specific moves for every time that lyric hits.  Another line I love from this song, but it only comes up once is, “Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed”. If your partner loves being kissed on the neck, take a couple moments at this point in the song to tease their neck with all the good things to come.

Our Gift to You: 12 Days of Christmas for LoversDay 2: Fun with food. Spend time making sugar cookies together. The best part of this little date will be frosting the cookies. Wink, wink.

Day 3: Call an Uber, you’re going wine tasting. Seriously, call an Uber! It’s not romantic nor fun to go wine tasting with your partner if one of you can’t drink, because someone has to remain sober. Be sure to buy a bottle or two of wine you really like, it’s going to come in handy for Day 4 and, possibly, Day 5.

Day 4: Hot cocoa and wine by the fire. Lay out a blanket and a few pillows, and relax together by the fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, candles work, too. It’s been a stressful year. No talking about gifts that still need to be bought or work that still needs to be done. Just enjoy each other’s company, discussing 12 Days for Lovers. Don’t forget the marshmallow cream; frosting from the cookies isn’t the only thing to have fun with.

Day 5: It’s time for a little friendly competition. Gingerbread houses are fun to decorate and so is being the winner. What do you win? Well, I’ll leave that fully up to you two. However, I would highly suggest it being bedroom oriented. How do you know who’s the winner? After you’ve both finished decorating your own gingerbread house, put them together on Facebook and let your friends vote for the best one. If your spouse is super competitive, perhaps busting out another bottle of wine will help with that.

Day 6: What ornament makes you think of your partner? You both need to go out shopping for an ornament that makes you think of your significant other. Take it home and wrap it up. Don’t give it to each other just yet, I’ve got a plan for it for Day 7.

Day 7: Hide and seek gifts. Take that wrapped up ornament that makes you think of your partner and hide it, anywhere in the house. After the present is well-hidden start the timer, there’s another bet in place (again you two decide what you’re betting for). The one who finds their gift first wins. The best part of this game, aside from winning is telling each other why that ornament makes you think of them. It’s sweet, it’s cheap, and you just might find the sparks flying from a simple ornament.

Our Gift to You: 12 Days of Christmas for LoversDay 8: Snuggle up and spend the entire day watching Christmas movies. Sometimes watching TV together is all you need to destress and feel close to one another.

Day 9: It’s time for a hot date. Get dressed up and go see the Nutcracker. Rarely do we get the opportunity to get dressed up specifically for our partner. What better place to truly put on your best attire than going to the ballet? Not a fan of ballet, how about going to dinner and a play? There’s sure to be multiple Christmas plays around town, pick one and when you pick your dress, don’t forget the garter belt or some other sexy piece of lingerie to hide underneath.

Day 10: Take a drive around town looking at Christmas lights. Don’t forget to hold hands while doing this. Studies have proven that holding hands can make a relationship stronger. If the weather allows, take advantage of walking hand-in-hand to look at the lights.

Day 11: Give up being an adult for the day. No responsibilities. Silly fun, laughing and giggling together as you build a snow man, go sledding, or maybe go skiing. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine to keep a relationship strong.

Day 12: Your final day of dedicated time together should be extra special. Go get a couples massage. It can be your Christmas gift to each other. Some spas offer a Jacuzzi tub, wine, and chocolates. If this is an option, go all out and get the full package. You’ll both be glad you did.

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